Conservative Roman Catholics denounce their pedophile founder

This video is called Vows Of Silence — Marcial Maciel, the Legion of Christ, and Regnum Christi.

From Associated Press:

Legion orders images of disgraced founder removed

December 13, 2010 – 11:18am

MEXICO CITY (AP) – The Legionaries of Christ is ordering images of its disgraced founder removed from its buildings worldwide as part of Vatican-mandated reforms.

The conservative order says photographs showing the late Rev. Marciel Maciel alone or with the pope must be removed from its installations.

Maciel founded the influential Legion in Mexico in 1941. He was dogged for years by allegations that he abused seminarians. But it was only after his 2008 death that the order admitted the allegations were true and that Maciel had fathered three children.

The Legion also announced on its website Monday that it was prohibiting the celebration of Maciel’s birthday. It also banned the sale of Maciel’s writings inside Legion centers.

Clerical sexual abuse in the Netherlands: here.

The Irish government has rejected calls for the Murphy Commission to investigate every diocese in Ireland for child abuse following the sensational findings in Wexford and Dublin and major revelations expected in the just concluded investigation into the Cloyne diocese: here.

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