Dutch monks abused handicapped children sexually

De La Salle in Boxtel

From Dutch news agency ANP:

Friars abused the mentally impaired sexually

Published: April 13, 2010 14:42

BOXTEL – During the nineteen sixties and seventies, children with mild intellectual disabilities at the De La Salle Institute in Boxtel were then victims of sexual abuse by members of the Congregation of the Tilburg Friars.

Three former group leaders of the mental health care institution have said so, independently from each other, to Radio Netherlands World Service and NRC Handelsblad daily.

According to the media editors, this is the first time that non-victims of sexual abuse themselves begin telling about abuse within Roman Catholic institutions.

The three former group leaders who accuse the friars of abuse were the first lay people who helped the friars with the education of mentally impaired children.

Let’s suppose that something similar is going on right now in a similar institution. Will we again have to wait for forty years before knowing about it?

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

The Roman Catholic church paid a Dutchman to keep quiet about sexual abuse by a priest, Dutch current affairs programme Een Vandaag reported on Monday.

This is the Een Vandaag video about hush money to prevent clerical sexual abuse from becoming known.

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