German child abuse scandal bishop resigns

This is a video from Germany on the Walter Mixa scandal.

From Reuters news agency:

German bishop offers to quit over child abuse claims

Berlin, April 22, 2010

A German Roman Catholic bishop facing allegations he physically abused children has offered to resign, his diocese said on Thursday.

Bishop Walter Mixa, who also faces allegations of financial misconduct, wrote to Pope Benedict offering his resignation, according to the Augsburg diocese in the predominantly Catholic state of Bavaria, which is the pope’s home state.

“With his resignation, he wants to avert further damage to the Church and to allow a new start,” the diocese said in a statement.

Mixa denied for weeks that he had hit children decades ago before later admitting he had slapped them. Some victims say he hit them with full force in the face.

From Associated Press on this:

BERLIN – A leading conservative Roman Catholic bishop in Germany has written to Pope Benedict XVI offering to resign amid persistent allegations of physical abuse and financial misconduct, the Augsburg Diocese said Thursday.

Bishop Walter Mixa wrote a letter to the pope on Wednesday, the Augsburg diocese said in a statement, offering to step down in hopes of allowing a “new start” for his diocese.

Germany: Catholic communities fear collapse: here.

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