Children sexually abused by Dutch nuns

This February 2013 video from the USA is called Pope Benedict XVI‘s Resignation Linked to Sex Abuse Scandal?

It says about itself:

The Pope’s resignation is “linked to sex abuse crisis” according to Mea Maxima Culpa‘s director Alex Gibney.

Translated from Dutch Novum news agency:

“Nuns abused children as well”

Published: April 22, 2010 14:33

AMSTERDAM – Nuns have been guilty of sexual abuse of children as well. Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad writes this on Thursday on its website.

That many priests have in the past sexually abused children has become known in recent months. Now, however, it turns out that religious women are not without sins as well.

Not only boys became victims of this. 29 female survivors have reported their experiences to the newspaper and to Radio Netherlands Worldwide since late February.

Ten women told the newspaper that a priest or a friar had abused them. Additionally, nineteen women say they were abused or ill-treated by religious women.

Brute force

Often, at orphanages and asylums run by nuns’ orders there was, according to testimony, a “harsh and oppressive” environment. This, the witnesses say, led to humiliation and brutal violence with sadistic tendencies.

Thus, in a children’s orphanage in Sittard, two nuns grabbed a child in a judo hold. Subsequently, its mouth was forcibly opened up and it was force fed cold porridge. After the child vomited, it was made to eat the vomit.

According to daily NRC Handelsblad, the child was five years old, and the two nuns were German.

Vatican confirms sexual violations of nuns by priests and missionaries: here.

10 thoughts on “Children sexually abused by Dutch nuns

  1. Austria: Lawyers threaten to sue church

    Associated Press

    2010-04-22 08:09 PM

    Lawyers representing clerical abuse victims in Austria say the Roman Catholic church must open up its archives, agree to pay victims compensation and cover their therapy costs, apologize and put in place a system to prevent future abuse and cover-up.

    Werner Schostal and Georg Zanger said Thursday they will sue if church officials fail to comply.

    Austria is among several countries recently hit by a wave of abuse claims against clergy and employees of church-affiliated institutions such as schools.


  2. We expect more from priests, nuns, etc., in terms of moral behavior, but the sexual abuse of children has been going on for centuries in secular institutions too, and child abusers from well connected families often had their crimes swept under the rug by civil authorities. ALL abuse should be decried, but the notion that it is mainly a church/religious/institutional problem is absurd. I am the first to point fingers at the Church re: all of this and to demand change, but I will not be part of the blatant anti-Catholic or anti-religion mentality that many gleefully display when jumping on the anti-abuse bandwagon.


  3. Re #2: it is not just a problem of individual priests (and some nuns) abusing children. The problem is also that the church hierarchy of popes, archbishops, bishops, etc. has not consistently fought against that abuse, but often has followed a “damage control” strategy, moving abusive priests to other parishes where they may start all over again, etc.

    This blog has mentioned that abuse is certainly not confined to the Roman Catholic church, but also exists in organizations like the Boy Scouts etc. However, these other organizations do not claim to represent God on earth. While the Roman Catholic church does. So, one can hardly be surprised if then people expect a higher standard from the Roman Catholic church than from those other organizations.

    Most survivors of the abuse within the Roman Catholic church are (or certainly were) Roman Catholic themselves. So, one can hardly accuse them of “blatant anti-Catholicism”.


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