US nazi BNP guest banned

This video from Britain is called Griffin tells KKK plan to “sell” nazi BNP as “democratic” – then smash democracy.

From British daily The Morning Star:

BNP speaker barred as a US neonazi

Friday 14 August 2009

by Paddy McGuffin

A US white supremacist who was due to be guest of honour at the BNP fascist gathering in Derbyshire this weekend has been refused entrance to Britain on the grounds he would “foster racial hatred.”

Preston Wiginton, a rabid nazi and anti-semite, was refused entry by immigration officers at Heathrow airport under laws to keep out “undesirables.”

He was to have been the star overseas guest at the tenth BNP Red White and Blue festival, which began yesterday at Codnor.

It was Wiginton who organised Griffin’s anti-Islam tour of three US universities at the end of October 2007.

As well as financing the trip, Wiginton appealed to users of the Stormfront nazi internet forum to donate money to Griffin while he was in the US.

A spokesman for the Home Office confirmed to the Morning Star that Wiginton had been refused entrance to the country yesterday.

Anti-fascist campaign group Hope not Hate welcomed the government’s decision. A spokesman said that the mere fact that Wiginton had been invited to attend the rally exposed the true nature of the event.

“That Griffin should invite this hardline nazi to help celebrate his election to the European Parliament at the BNP annual festival shows yet again that the BNP claim to legitimacy is just a pretence and that Griffin has not moved far from his fascist roots,” he said.

“Griffin and Wiginton have collaborated for many years. Wiginton spearheaded US support for Griffin during his trial for inciting racial hatred, setting up an online petition calling on the British government to drop the prosecution.”

Today will see a mass protest outside the festival by anti-fascists, organised by Unite Against Fascism.

UAF plans to “kettle” the rally, with supporters coming from across the country to take part in an organised march.

A spokesman described the RWB festval as a “rallying point for neonazis and racists from across Europe.”

An open letter signed by those condemning the event has been published today.

The signatories include former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone and trade union leaders.

See also here.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has begun legal action against the far-right British National Party over concerns about ethnic restrictions of its membership.

Anti-fascists celebrated a victory this week when the British National Party (BNP) admitted that it would not be returning to the Derbyshire village of Codnor to hold its Red, White and Blue summer “festival”: here.

A fascist BNP councillor in Essex who made sickening comments in the wake of the abduction of a Muslim community leader has been accused of trying to provoke a new Kristallnacht.

Russia: Teen neo-Nazi busted in bombing attempt: here.

18 thoughts on “US nazi BNP guest banned

  1. It’s a conspiracy, says BNP boozer

    Fascism: A senior British National Party member has been disqualified from driving after being found guilty of refusing to take a police breathalyser test.

    Robert Bailey, who was a BNP candidate for London in this year’s European elections, said that he had refused to co-operate with officers because he believed they were part of a politically inspired conspiracy acting upon “a higher order.”


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