British nazi party exposed

This video from Britain is called Griffin tells KKK plan to “sell” nazi BNP as “democratic” – then smash democracy.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Exposed: BNP candidate’s neonazi history

Thursday 23 April 2009

by Paddy McGuffin

THE British National Party (BNP) candidate standing in the Yorkshire and Humber European elections is a former head of the National Front with a 40-year history in fascist politics, it emerged on Thursday.

Andrew Brons, a former politics and government lecturer at Harrogate College in north Yorkshire, is running as the official Yorkshire candidate for the BNP on an anti-European ticket.

News of Mr Brons’s past as a former close associate of BNP founder John Tyndall and one-time member of the National Socialist Movement and the Greater Britain Movement before graduating to lead the overtly neonazi National Front exposed the hypocrisy of BNP claims to be a legitimate party divorced from its violent, racist past.

‘With a 40-year history in nazi politics, no wonder Brons wants to hide his views.’

The fascist party has been at great pains to appear to reinvent itself in the public eye in recent years, attempting to hijack the bandwagon of traditional working-class parties and distancing itself – at least publicly – from the jack-booted skinhead thugs which were its perceived public image and core membership.

Anti-fascist campaigners have long argued that the BNP is merely the National Front by a different name, outwardly more polished but still espousing the same ultra-fascist, racist line.

Hope Not Hate Yorkshire spokesman Paul Meszaros said: “The BNP claim to be a legitimate party sticking up for the rights of ordinary (white) people has once again been unmasked as a shallow lie with the selection of Andrew Brons to be its main candidate in this region in the European elections.

“This is a man with a very secret past he wants to hide.

“Andrew Brons might appear as a respectable candidate but really he has a history steeped in openly nazi politics.

“He was once a member of the National Socialist Movement, an organisation that was deliberately founded on Hitler‘s birthday.

“This was no youthful indiscretion. He went on to join the openly nazi Greater Britain Movement before becoming leader of the skinhead thugs of the National Front. The NF were notorious for extreme racism and violent behaviour.

“With a 40-year history in nazi politics, no wonder Brons wants to hide his true political views.”

Mr Brons stood as a National Front candidate on five occasions between 1974 and 1983, in Harrogate, Birmingham Stechford, Bradford North and Leeds.

Update 27 April 2009: here.

The fascist British National Party (BNP) revealed its true colours last week when its leader Nick Griffin went on record defending an official BNP activist manual that said that Asian and black British people “do not exist” and should be referred to as “racial foreigners”: here.

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