British homophobic nazi attack on trade unionist

This video from Britain says about itself:

BNP + Nazi terrorist Nathan Worrell

18 February 2009

In December 2008 Nazi terrorist Nathan Worrell was jailed for 7 years for the racially aggravated harassment of mixed-race neighbours who lived near his home in Grimsby, and for stock-piling explosives, poisons and bomb making manuals for terrorist purposes. Police arrested Nathan Worrell in possession of a huge collection of racist and right-wing propaganda, including magazines, BNP stickers, and membership cards for the NF – which is the group whose leaders founded the BNP, and for openly Nazi and pro-terrorist organisations like the BNP spin-off group Combat 18, the KKK, November 9th Society and British Peoples Party.

Nathan Worrell’s BNP stickers can be seen in the centre of the table by pausing this video at 0:26 (above the 2 yellow and 1 orange stickers) and 0:30. In June 2008 the British Peoples Party became notorious after fellow BPP member Martyn Gilleard was jailed for 16 years for making nail-bombs and for possessing child pornography.

In March 2008 serving Police PCSO Ellis Hammond was jailed after he was arrested in possession of an arsenal of illegal knives, guns, crossbows etc, and Nazi propaganda and pornography.

During the raid on Ellis Hammond the police found his BNP membership card, and Ellis Hammond’s BNP membership is also confirmed by the leaked BNP members list. Although there is no evidence Martyn Gilleard was a paid-up BNP member, it has been rumoured that Gilleard campaigned for the BNP when staying with his brother in Scotland. Similarly Nathan Worrell is now proven to have been at least a BNP supporter, because BNP campaign stickers can be seen in this video.

Although police officers are banned from being members of the BNP and Combat 18, the BNP claim that BNP members should be allowed to work as teachers and clergy etc, because the BNP is a legally constituted and therefore (allegedly) “legitimate” political party. However, in the most recent exposé of BNP terrorism, BNP candidate Charlotte Lewis lost her deposit in the Feb 2009 Croydon by-election after it was revealed she’d served a 6 month prison sentence for sending letters to legally constituted animal experimentation laboratories, in which she threatened to shoot and kill scientists involved in medical research.

Other convicted BNP terrorists include the BNP chairman Nick Griffin‘s business partner Roberto Fiore, the BNP election candidate Robert Cottage, the BNP founder John Tyndall’s bodyguard David Copeland, and BNP officials Tony Lecomber and Lambertus Nieuwhof.

By Conrad Landin in Britain:

Suspected fascists hit union activist’s car after he joined Pride

Saturday 11th July 2015

A UNION activist who was viciously abused and had his car tyres slashed may have fallen victim to a fascist backlash egged on by government rhetoric, his branch warned yesterday.

Branch secretary John Burgess was organising pickets for Barnet Unison’s strike against council outsourcing on Tuesday — but returned home to find nails stuck into the front wheel of his car.

Thugs had also left a notice pinned to his windscreen reading: “Fucking union ­faggotts (sic) get back home from here!”

The homophobic profanity follows Barnet Unison’s presence on London’s Pride parade, which Mr Burgess attended carrying the union banner.

Activists said it was a “strong coincidence” that the branch had mounted vocal opposition to a fascist demonstration due to take place in Barnet last weekend. It was subsequently moved by police to central London.

That was a demonstration against what the neo-nazis called ‘Jewification’ of London.

But the branch issued a statement suggesting that Tory ministers shared responsibility for the hate-fuelled attack, saying their “demonisation” of unions encouraged this type of personal attack on individual trade unionists.

“We are proud that we were part of a larger community mobilisation which meant fascists could not raise their heads in our community,” said branch chair Helen Davies.

“Fascists are organisations which peddle hatred and what happened to John is in every sense a hate crime, which has been reported to the police.”

“John has a job to do and that is to represent the members of his union branch. We choose him year after year as we believe he is the best placed person to do this. He enjoys the confidence of the branch membership.

“This means whoever did this is trying to intimidate and silence all of our membership. We will not be silenced.”

George Binette, Unison secretary in the neighbouring north London borough of Camden, also spoke out in disgust.

“This is a perverse tribute to the effectiveness of John’s tireless commitment to both his members and the defence of public services,” he said.

“Unfortunately, all too many politicians and sections of the media seem set to whip up a Jeremy Clarkson-style climate where it is literally open season on active trade unionists.”


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