17 thoughts on “‘LGBTQ trade unionists, not corporations, should be first at London Pride’

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  2. LABOUR leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn was “mobbed” by supporters on Saturday’s London Pride parade.

    Mr Corbyn rushed back from a hustings event in Birmingham to join the huge trade union bloc.

    Journalist Owen Jones was among supporters who took photos with a board on which they had written why they were voting for him.

    Mr Corbyn’s name was chanted by the crowds and people queued to have selfies with the left candidate.

    “When we got to Trafalgar Square we were mobbed by people wanting selfies,” one campaigner said.

    “But Jeremy still managed to fight his way through the crowd to visit the picket line at the National Gallery.”

    Andy Burnham also attended the parade in a T-shirt with the slogan: “Never kissed a Tory.”



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