Anglican bishop’s homophobia causes anger

This video, made in New Zealand, is called George Galloway says Islamophobia is racism against Muslims.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Anger at bishop’s homophobic comments

Sunday 05 July 2009

The Bishop of Rochester Dr Michael Nazir-Ali has called for homosexuals to “repent and be changed,” drawing heavy fire from equality campaigners.

In an interview with a Sunday newspaper the bishop insisted that being homosexual was “incompatible” with the teachings of the Bible.

“The Bible’s teaching shows that marriage is between a man and a woman. That is the way to express our sexual nature.

“People who depart from this don’t share the same faith. They are acting in a way that is not normative according to what God has revealed in the Bible,” he said.

Bizarrely, the bigoted bishop then went onto contradict himself, saying: “We welcome homosexuals, we don’t want to exclude people, but we want them to repent and be changed.”

His comments followed one of the biggest ever Pride marches in London on Saturday.

Peter Tatchell, who spoke at the event, said: “I call on the bishop to repent his homophobia. His prejudice goes against Christ’s gospel of love and compassion.”

Mr Nazir Ali (who will resign as bishop soon because of opposition among fellow Anglicans to his extremism) is not just a homophobe, but also an Islamophobe. Some of this bishop’s fellow Islamophobes claim that they hate Muslims out of pure love for women’s rights, and/or gay rights. This has been unmasked as a pretext of those xenophobes (quite often the same type of far Rightists who denounce feminists as “feminazis”, oppose gay marriage, etc.); recently by Belgian university research. Will the Right Reverend Nazir Ali’s fellow Islamophobes now denounce his homophobia? Don’t count on it.

The Archbishop of Canterbury today expressed “regret” over a vote by US Anglicans to oppose a moratorium on consecrating gay bishops: here.

A CLERGYMAN took the Church of England to an employment tribunal yesterday for alleged discrimination after he was barred from working following his marriage to his male partner: here.

The Church of England’s teaching that marriage can only take place between a man and a woman is a “lousy definition” of matrimony, a bishop has told an employment tribunal brought by the first member of the clergy to marry his same-sex partner. The bishop of Buckingham, Alan Wilson, said the church’s canon teaching “marriage is … of one man with one woman” was, in his words, “not much of a definition”: here.

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4 thoughts on “Anglican bishop’s homophobia causes anger

  1. Jean Hale, 1912-2009 — Farewell to a `most revered activist’

    By Sylvia Hale
    June 13, 2009 — Jean Hale (nee Heathcote) was born on July 29, 1912, in
    Brisbane. Her grandfather, Wyndham Selfe Heathcote, was an Anglican
    clergyman who opposed the Boer War. His opposition to the Anglican
    Church’s social policies and his opinions, such as this from one of his
    essays — “The death of Jesus, as a social reformer using direct action,
    has been transmuted into the death of a God dying for the world” —
    found him at loggerheads with the church and resulted in his leaving to
    become a Unitarian minister. His public speaking skills, which Jean
    inherited, were considerable. In October 1916 the Woman Voter reported
    that, “despite the large seating capacity of the building, thousands of
    people were turned away” from a debate between himself and Adela
    Pankhurst (the youngest member of the British suffragist family).

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