Jellyfish dancing, video

From about this video:

‘Endless gravity’: Out-of-this-world VIDEO shows jellyfish fairy dance

June 27, 2015 06:33

If you wanted proof you don’t have to go to space to find other beautiful worlds, then Alex Soloviev has captured a magnificent slow-motion video of jellyfish that is gorgeous and hypnotizing.

“You can watch these ocean creatures endlessly. It’s like a live cosmos, unbelievable smooth moves, eternity and meditation,” Alex Soloviev says in the description to his 5-minute clip ‘Endless Gravity’, posted on Vimeo.

The film features mostly slow-motion shots of bio-luminescent jellyfish gliding through the sea’s dark waters. All the artist needed to shoot this extraordinary footage was his camera. Soloviev says no image-altering VFX was used for the final cut.

Jellyfish are found in every ocean from the surface to the deep waters and they sometimes live in freshwater. The creatures have been on this planet at least 500 million years and are among the oldest multi-organ animals.

The first genetic study of the diversity of clinging jellyfish populations around the globe has discovered some surprising links among distant communities of jellies and also revealed there may be more than one species of the infamous stinger: here.

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