Turkish Pride march attacked by police

This video shows Turkish police attacking the Istanbul Gay Pride parade in 2015. Two women try to stop police vehicles by sitting down on the street. The one on the right is transgender woman Hande Kader.

From AFP news agency:

28 June 2015 – 17H25

Riot police use teargas, water cannon to stop Istanbul Gay Pride


Riot police in Istanbul used teargas and water cannon to disperse thousands of participants in the Gay Pride parade in the Turkish city, an AFP reporter said.

Police took action against the crowd when demonstrators began shouting slogans accusing the social conservative President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of “fascism“.

A look at how gay pride is celebrated around the world: here.

In Budapest, LGBT Pride Behind the Police Barricades: here.

THE world’s major cities were painted all the colours of the rainbow at the weekend as millions of people marched in gay pride parades: here.

26 thoughts on “Turkish Pride march attacked by police

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