Combat 18 nazi vandalism to Irish graves

This video from England says about itself:

MacIntyre Undercover – Chelsea Headhunters [a football hooligan gang in London]

Chelsea Headhunters were infiltrated by investigative reporter Donal MacIntyre for this documentary screened on the BBC on November 9, 1999, in which MacIntyre posed as a wannabe-member of the Chelsea Headhunters. He even had a Chelsea tattoo applied to himself for authenticity. He confirmed the racist elements to the Headhunters and their links to Combat 18, including one top-ranking member who had been imprisoned on one occasion for possession of material related to the Ku Klux Klan. In 2000, Jason Marriner, a member of the Chelsea Headhunters was sentenced to six years in prison for his part in organising a fight with supporters of a rival team, based on evidence captured by Donal MacIntyre and his team. This programme led to arrests and several convictions.

From the British Broadcasting Corporation:

Thursday, 18 June 2009 16:09 UK

Combat 18 slogans daubed on plot

A republican plot in Miltown cemetery in west Belfast has been desecrated with Combat 18 slogans, according to Sinn Féin MLA Paul Maskey.

“Overnight, racist and sectarian slogans, along with Combat 18 graffiti, were daubed on the republican plot in the cemetery,” said Mr Maskey.

“A considerable amount of damage has been done to the graves.”

A PSNI spokeswoman said officers were not aware of the attack, but added they would follow up any reports made.

See also here.

Romania’s ambassador has held talks with senior ministers at Stormont over a series of racist attacks that have forced more than 100 Roma people to flee their homes: here.

Attacks on Romanians in Belfast: here. And here.

Anti-fascist and human rights campaigners are to stage a demonstration in London tomorrow to condemn the sickening race attacks in Belfast which have forced over 100 Romanian immigrants to flee their homes: here.

One hundred Romanian Gypsies who have been subjected to a campaign of racist abuse and intimidation in Northern Ireland are quitting the six counties to return home: here.

Homophobia and racism on rise in Northern Ireland, survey shows: here.

British Labour Party in Northern Ireland? See here.

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