British BNP nazis deregistered as political party

This 2010 video from Britain says about itself:

BNP bombers off our streets!!

Stop the British Nazi Party before they blow us all up.

Say no to terrorism on the streets of the UK; say no to the BNP.

Q-So whats the difference between an Islamic extremists’ bomb and a right wing BNP extremist bomb?

A-Nothing …..they both kill indiscriminately.

What’s interesting is that islam4uk got banned but they have no known convicted terrorist in their ranks but yet the BNP have shown us time and time again they are a safe haven for Nazi terrorists, so why are the BNP not banned?

The British Nazi Party is a danger to everyone.

Stop them now!

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From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Numbskull neonazis ineligible for elections

Saturday 9th January 2016

FAR-RIGHT outfit the BNP is no longer a political party, having failed to register with the Electoral Commission.

The commission removed the BNP from its register of British parties yesterday after the group failed to submit the required annual notification and £25 fee due on Wednesday.

Unless the racist group submits a fresh application it will no longer be able to field candidates and its name, descriptions and emblem won’t be allowed on ballot papers.

In 2009 the BNP held more than 50 council seats and had two MEPs but has been in steep decline ever since.

It fielded just eight candidates in the 2015 general election, down from 338 in 2010.

Former leader Nick Griffin was replaced by Adam Walker months after losing the party’s last European Parliament seat in an electoral meltdown in 2014.

Mr Griffin, who accepted at the time that the BNP could be considered racist, was later expelled for allegedly “trying to cause disunity” in a bid to destabilise the organisation.

The BNP said the negligence was a clerical error and it would submit the necessary paperwork in the next few days.

British nazi paedophile guilty of murdering schoolgirl

Paige Chiver, left, Robert Ewing, right

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Paige Chivers murder: Neo-nazi paedophile Robert Ewing found guilty of murdering school girl

15-year-old Paige Chivers vanished eight years ago

Siobhan Fenton

Saturday 11 July 2015

A neo-Nazi paedophile has been found guilty of murdering a school girl who vanished eight years ago.

Paige Chivers, 15, disappeared in Blackpool in 2007 following a row with her father. Her body has never been discovered.

Robert Ewing, 60, murdered the schoolgirl after developing an “inappropriate sexual interest” in her, Preston Court heard.

Ewing was also found guilty of perverting the course of justice by intimidating witnesses and providing false information to the police.

Fellow defendant Gareth Dewhurst, 46, was found guilty of perverting the course of justice and helping Ewing dispose of Paige’s body. He was cleared of the charge that he had had sex with her dead body after Ewing killed her.

Paige, who was described as “very troubled and vulnerable” packed two carrier bags with clothes and set off from the family home following the fight with her father. Later that day she was seen at a bus stop talking to an older man, believed to be Ewing.

Forensics found bloodstains containing blood from Ewing and Paige inside Ewing’s flat in 2007. However, he was not charged until last year.

The jury heard that Dewhurst had confessed to a 16-year-old boy whilst he was “heavily stoned” his involvement in the girl’s disappearance. He told the boy that Ewing had killed Paige and then made him have sex with her dead body before forcing him to use his car to dispose of her remains.

The court heard that a fortnight before Paige went missing, Ewing contacted the police with an anonymous tip that a “problem child” had turned up on his doorstep after being evicted by her father. Prosecutors said this was a calculated move to “test the water” and gauge police response. There had been “very little reaction” by officials.

In recordings made by the police, Ewing described himself as a “neo-Nazi”.

Det Supt Andy Webster, who led the investigation, told the Blackpool Gazette: “Paige Chivers was a vulnerable 15-year-old child who disappeared in August 2007.

“The court heard how Robert Ewing carefully groomed Paige before murdering her at his flat in Bispham, Blackpool.

“The prosecution case has been largely circumstantial as Paige’s body has never been recovered. A fundamental part of the prosecution case was that Paige was last seen alive with Robert Ewing, alone in his flat at teatime on Friday August 24, 2007.

“After this point there were no other corroborated sightings of her. Her blood was later found in his flat.

“When she was reported missing he failed to assist the police and then repeatedly lied to them. He has repeatedly sought to implicate other vulnerable people in her murder.

“The jury accepted that his co-accused, Gareth Dewhurst, disposed of Paige’s body and then sought to intimidate and harass witnesses. This included a family to whom he had confessed and who he subsequently sought to terrify.”

Speaking after the sentencing, Paige’s brother-in-law Robert McClelland said that “not a day goes past” when the family does not think about her.

He described Paige as a “bright and funny” girl, adding: “We all have holes in our hearts that can never be replaced.”

The court heard that a police error was made when Paige was reported missing by her father on 26 August, three days after her disappearance. He clearly stated that his daughter was a fifteen year old girl, but her date of birth was wrongly entered as 1962 instead of 1992. This meant that police thought they were investigating the disappearance of a 45 year old woman who had moved away voluntarily, rather than a child missing from home. The error was not corrected until 7 September.

The handling of the case is now being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Ewing and Dewhurst will both be sentenced on 28 July.

From EDL News in Britain:

EDL/BNP paedophile, Robert Ewing, found guilty of the murder of Paige Chivers

10th July 2015

Over the last three years, the British National Party and the English Defence League have held demonstrations in Blackpool over the murders or missing teenagers Paige Chivers and Charlene Downes, blaming members of the local Muslim population.

Today, BNP/EDL member Robert Ewing has been found guilty of the murder of Paige at Preston Crown Court.

Ewing groomed the vulnerable schoolgirl and then murdered her in August 2007. Paige’s body has never been found.

Among known associates of Ewing were:

Andrew Edge – former EDL Stockport organiser, currently in prison.
Jeffaz Carr – EDL Yorkshire.
Mark Hogg – EDL Peterborough.
Tony Davis aka Arthur Disbury – former Devon EDL activist.
Darren Bird – EDL Wolverhampton supporter who once threatened to kill Muslims in a bid to start a race war.
James Devine – Leader of the self-styled and largely defunct paramilitary group, Combined Ex Forces.
Bob Greensmith – Former Stoke-on-Trent BNP activist.
Rob Brammer – EDL Southampton
Paul Scully Sloane aka Paul Prrk Chops Scully – EDL Telford activist.

None of the above protested the trial of Ewing.

British homophobic nazi attack on trade unionist

This video from Britain says about itself:

BNP + Nazi terrorist Nathan Worrell

18 February 2009

In December 2008 Nazi terrorist Nathan Worrell was jailed for 7 years for the racially aggravated harassment of mixed-race neighbours who lived near his home in Grimsby, and for stock-piling explosives, poisons and bomb making manuals for terrorist purposes. Police arrested Nathan Worrell in possession of a huge collection of racist and right-wing propaganda, including magazines, BNP stickers, and membership cards for the NF – which is the group whose leaders founded the BNP, and for openly Nazi and pro-terrorist organisations like the BNP spin-off group Combat 18, the KKK, November 9th Society and British Peoples Party.

Nathan Worrell’s BNP stickers can be seen in the centre of the table by pausing this video at 0:26 (above the 2 yellow and 1 orange stickers) and 0:30. In June 2008 the British Peoples Party became notorious after fellow BPP member Martyn Gilleard was jailed for 16 years for making nail-bombs and for possessing child pornography.

In March 2008 serving Police PCSO Ellis Hammond was jailed after he was arrested in possession of an arsenal of illegal knives, guns, crossbows etc, and Nazi propaganda and pornography.

During the raid on Ellis Hammond the police found his BNP membership card, and Ellis Hammond’s BNP membership is also confirmed by the leaked BNP members list. Although there is no evidence Martyn Gilleard was a paid-up BNP member, it has been rumoured that Gilleard campaigned for the BNP when staying with his brother in Scotland. Similarly Nathan Worrell is now proven to have been at least a BNP supporter, because BNP campaign stickers can be seen in this video.

Although police officers are banned from being members of the BNP and Combat 18, the BNP claim that BNP members should be allowed to work as teachers and clergy etc, because the BNP is a legally constituted and therefore (allegedly) “legitimate” political party. However, in the most recent exposé of BNP terrorism, BNP candidate Charlotte Lewis lost her deposit in the Feb 2009 Croydon by-election after it was revealed she’d served a 6 month prison sentence for sending letters to legally constituted animal experimentation laboratories, in which she threatened to shoot and kill scientists involved in medical research.

Other convicted BNP terrorists include the BNP chairman Nick Griffin‘s business partner Roberto Fiore, the BNP election candidate Robert Cottage, the BNP founder John Tyndall’s bodyguard David Copeland, and BNP officials Tony Lecomber and Lambertus Nieuwhof.

By Conrad Landin in Britain:

Suspected fascists hit union activist’s car after he joined Pride

Saturday 11th July 2015

A UNION activist who was viciously abused and had his car tyres slashed may have fallen victim to a fascist backlash egged on by government rhetoric, his branch warned yesterday.

Branch secretary John Burgess was organising pickets for Barnet Unison’s strike against council outsourcing on Tuesday — but returned home to find nails stuck into the front wheel of his car.

Thugs had also left a notice pinned to his windscreen reading: “Fucking union ­faggotts (sic) get back home from here!”

The homophobic profanity follows Barnet Unison’s presence on London’s Pride parade, which Mr Burgess attended carrying the union banner.

Activists said it was a “strong coincidence” that the branch had mounted vocal opposition to a fascist demonstration due to take place in Barnet last weekend. It was subsequently moved by police to central London.

That was a demonstration against what the neo-nazis called ‘Jewification’ of London.

But the branch issued a statement suggesting that Tory ministers shared responsibility for the hate-fuelled attack, saying their “demonisation” of unions encouraged this type of personal attack on individual trade unionists.

“We are proud that we were part of a larger community mobilisation which meant fascists could not raise their heads in our community,” said branch chair Helen Davies.

“Fascists are organisations which peddle hatred and what happened to John is in every sense a hate crime, which has been reported to the police.”

“John has a job to do and that is to represent the members of his union branch. We choose him year after year as we believe he is the best placed person to do this. He enjoys the confidence of the branch membership.

“This means whoever did this is trying to intimidate and silence all of our membership. We will not be silenced.”

George Binette, Unison secretary in the neighbouring north London borough of Camden, also spoke out in disgust.

“This is a perverse tribute to the effectiveness of John’s tireless commitment to both his members and the defence of public services,” he said.

“Unfortunately, all too many politicians and sections of the media seem set to whip up a Jeremy Clarkson-style climate where it is literally open season on active trade unionists.”

British election defeats for xenophobic Ukip, nazi BNP

This video from England says about itself:

Meet Sieg Heiling BNP member, Nazi skinhead and BNP activist Tommy Williams from Sheffield. Tommy is a convicted drug dealer and a personal friend of the BNP chairman Nick Griffin. Tommy’s BNP membership was confirmed by the leaked BNP members list, and he was also photographed providing “security” for the BNP Red White and Blue Festival in Derbyshire as recently as 2008. Tommy also runs the “Covert Undercover Nuisance Tactics” blog (really, the name says it all) which openly supports the Nazi skinhead group Blood and Honour, who take their name from the motto of the Hitler Youth, as well as running a pro-B&H channel HowlingWolves14 on You Tube.

Predictably Tommy Williams also appeared (using his “” identity) in the leaked list of the Blood and Honour website, alongside other confirmed BNP members like Clive McElhinney from Tonbridge, Andrew Nixon from Chester, Janette Brunning from Farnborough and Karl Powell from Merseyside, among others.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

BNP demise cemented with complete vote collapse

Saturday 9th May 2015

THE DEMISE of the BNP was cemented yesterday after minority socialist and anti-austerity groups overshadowed the far-right party in poll results.

A total of 1,667 people voted for the BNP, but nearly every other smaller party, such as the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (Tusc) and National Health Action, overtook them.

The Tories’ disdain for unions and the appalling strangulation of the NHS in their hands — with more punishing cuts to come — led to Tusc and NHA gaining traction.

TUSC’s vote doubled to 36,327 from the last general election.

NHA, a group set up three years ago to fight the dismantling and privatisation of the health service, followed with 20,210 votes.

A total of 514,819 people voted for the BNP in 2010 but it failed to return an MP under former leader Nick Griffin.

He was booted out in October for trying to “destabilise the party.”

This year, only eight candidates stood — down from 330. The sharp drop suggests that the end is nigh for the extreme right-wing group.

Matthew Collins, of Hope Not Hate — whose campaign contributed to the collapse of the BNP, said that the party was “always going to fall short” as its membership was lower than 20 years ago.

“It’s no surprise that the party is severely doomed. It is dead,” he added.

The group Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol (CISTA) also beat the BNP, with 8,419 ballots cast in its favour. It was founded this year to campaign for drug law reform.

Only anarchist group Class War fared worse than BNP, attracting 526 votes shared between seven candidates.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

A little to smile about as Farage fails in sixth MP bid

Saturday 9th May 2015

PADDY McGUFFIN ponders Farage’s loss and Ukip’s failure to make parliamentary gains

THERE was precious little to smile about yesterday for those of us on the left.

But you would have needed a heart of stone not to guffaw when Nigel Farage failed to become an MP for the sixth time.

After half a dozen failed attempts, you’d think he would have got the message by now. And maybe he finally has, although I wouldn’t bet on it.

The Ukip supremo — now ex-supremo — looked like someone had handed him a soft drink instead of a pint when the result finally emerged shortly before lunchtime yesterday.

Having promised an earthquake, Farage was quickly waking up to the realisation that it had been nothing more than a tawdry knee-trembler bitterly regretted in the cold light of day.

The result, in Thanet South, saw Farage comfortably beaten by his Tory rival, with Labour coming a distant third in the poll.

As the count was read out and the result became clear, the venue rang out with mocking cries of “Bye bye, Nigel!”

Farage’s grandiose predictions that his party would be kingmakers fizzled out like a damp squib.

The significant political gains he had confidently predicted signally failed to materialise — rather like the millions of Bulgarians he claimed were going to swamp the country.

Ukip even lost one of the two seats they’d pilfered from the Tories earlier this year through defections, when Mark Reckless failed to retain Rochester and Strood and the constituency reverted to the Conservatives.

In his resignation speech, Farage attempted to put a positive gloss on the steaming canine excrement of the Ukip campaign.

“I have seen a shift in our vote,” he said, in possibly the understatement of the year. “I saw it yesterday in Broadstairs. I saw people saying: ‘Nigel, we’re going to vote for you in the local elections, we love what you stand for, we agree with you, we can’t afford to have a Labour-SNP coalition.’”

For the last time, Nigel, the voices in your head are NOT real people.

He said he would “take stock” after the electoral drubbing. Well, that should take all of five minutes — make sure you’ve still got all your MEP’s expenses squirrelled away and bugger off.

The first thing on his agenda however, he said, was a holiday.

I’d avoid Europe if I were him.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Lack of Ukip breakthough is ‘enormous victory’

Saturday 9th May 2015

THE Stand Up To Ukip campaign group hailed the far-right party’s failure to make a breakthrough as an “enormous victory” yesterday.

Despite predictions of major gains from party leader Nigel Farage, Ukip was left with only one seat after the election and Mr Farage was forced to stand down after failing to win in Thanet South.

Stand Up To Ukip joint convenor Jo Cardwell said: “Farage came to South Thanet thinking that he could divide working-class people by using racist scapegoating.

“But what Farage did not envisage was the level of resistance to both his Thatcherite politics and attempts to divide us,” Ms Cardwell said, while adding: “Neverthless, it is now crucial we are not complacent.

“Ukip have scored some high votes nationally off the back of the disgusting scapegoating of migrants that mainstream parties and the media have also been engaged in.

“It is essential now we continue to build a broad campaign to challenge Ukip’s racism, bigotry and anti-working class agenda so that legitimate anger around the effects of austerity is not misguidedly aimed at migrant and minority communities.”

NIGEL FARAGE’S ramshackle stewardship of the right-wing UK Independence Party was in doubt yet again last night as senior party figures turned on each other in spectacular fashion: here.

A disgraced Ukip MEP who was expelled amid allegations of expenses fraud is still sitting with the anti-EU party in Brussels, prompting claims she has been “secretly” kept on to maintain its access to EU funds. Janice Atkinson MEP was thrown out of Ukip in March and is facing a police investigation for fraud, but she is still sitting with the party in the European Parliament, allowing it to claim higher levels of financial support and staffing: here.

A Ukip council candidate has been sacked by National Express after making disparaging remarks about interracial marriage – in another day of bad publicity for the coach company. Steve Latham, who is standing for Ukip in the Newton ward, in a Sandwell council byelection on 9 July, and is a coach driver for National Express, made controversial remarks on Facebook: here.

British nazi fuehrer Griffin resigns

This music video is called Spike JonesDer Fuehrer’s Face.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Knife-happy ex-teacher boots out BNP Griffin

Tuesday 22nd July 2014

NICK Griffin has been ousted as leader of the far-right BNP, it was announced yesterday — only to be replaced by a disgraced former teacher.

The move, agreed at the party’s national executive at the weekend, follows disastrous results in recent European and local elections.

Deputy chairman Adam Walker is to replace Mr Griffin at the helm of the racist party.

Mr Walker has a lifetime ban from teaching after he chased three boys in his car and slashed their bike tyres with a knife.

Hope Not Hate activist Matthew Collins told the Star that the move had been predicted by the campaign group as far back as May.

“The BNP is in an appalling state,” said Mr Collins. “Griffin has absolutely no purpose at all — he’s finished.

“We can expect some more bloodletting in the coming months.”

Mr Griffin has been made party president, according to the BNP website. Former party leader John Tyndall was offered the same job when Mr Griffin ousted him in 1999.

See also here. And here.

RICHARD REYNELL reports on changes at the top of one of Britain’s most odious fascist organisations following electoral defeats and internal bust-ups: here.

Nick Griffin Booted from British National Party: here.

THE British National Party was declared “dead” yesterday after former fascist frontman Nick Griffin was booted out. BNP’s unpopular ex-leader was expelled from the racist party on Wednesday after its new leadership accused him of plotting to overthrow them: here

In 2009 BNP leader Nick Griffin promised a ‘political earthquake’ – yet within months the party had crashed. MATTHEW COLLINS charts the racist leader’s welcome downfall: here.

British BNP nazi Griffin voted out of European parliament

This video from Britain is called Nick GriffinDenying Holocaust & Admitting his Nazi Views.

While, unfortunately, three Greek nazis including two generals, and other racists will be in the new European parliament, there is some good news as well. …

By Will Stone in Britain:

Racism: Hope not Hate celebrates as fascist BNP leader Nick Griffin kicked out of EU parliament

Tuesday 27th May 2014

Nazi Nick’ pelted with debris as he went to hear news of his EU election defeat

Anti-racists celebrated victory yesterday after the racist British National Party (BNP) was ejected from the European parliament.

Fascist BNP leader Nick Griffin was hung out to dry by voters in north-west England just five years after the BNP won two seats.

Andrew Brons, who was elected for Yorkshire and the Humber in 2009 but quit the party two years later, also lost his seat.

Anti-fascist campaign Hope Not Hate’s Matthew Collins told the Star: “We’re absolutely delighted. First we got the party out of Barking and Dagenham and now we’ve got them out of Europe.

“We must never forget what the BNP’s ideology represents. We were up against something really nasty. It has not been easy but it’s not over for the BNP yet. There is still work to be done. But removing Nick Griffin from Europe is a really important victory.”

As Mr Griffin approached Manchester Town Hall for the count on Sunday night, he was met by angry protesters screaming “nazi scum” and was forced to duck thrown placards.

They surrounded his car while dozens of police officers struggled to separate them from Mr Griffin and a handful of his supporters.

Officers rugby-tackled some protesters as they broke through police ranks before the BNP leader was rushed to the safety of the town hall where Mr Griffin described the reception as “fairly typical.”

A statement by Unite Against Fascism (UAF) following the result said: “We are nazi free. Nazi Nick is gone.”

It continued: “We should celebrate the destruction of the British National Party’s election strategy. Campaigning by Unite Against Fascism and many others has meant that Nick Griffin has been thrown out of the European parliament.”

The Morning Star has previously revealed that the BNP’s EU election material was missing key information required by law.

Church of England bans clergy from joining BNP or National Front. Any clergy found to be members of the two parties will face disciplinary action after bishops declared them un-Christian: here.

Anti-racist victory in Wales

This video from Britain is called BNP and Hungarian neonazis.

It says about itself:

10 July 2009

So why would a political party such as the BNP which claims to be anti-racist anti-nazi be holding hands with the Hungarian neo-nazis Jobbik? Jobbik also have their own private army. This is them in this video; they are called the Magyar Gárda (Hungarian guard). Jobbik sees this private fascist army as an essential weapon to keep the Hungarian state protected from immigrants, the Jewish community and gypsies.

This is not an official army but a neonazi militia paid for by Jobbik and other neonazi sympathizers. In return they make sure their political allies are protected from anti-fascist groups, violence is their first approach at any hint of dissent or protest aimed at Jobbik. So why would Nick Griffin and the BNP be joining forces with Jobbik? Well, we all know, because the BNP are in fact nazi scum. … The Magyar Gárda have direct links to Stormfront and a host of other neonazi internet warrior sites.

By John Haylett in Britain:

Welsh activists celebrate as BBC drops fascist debate invite

Thursday 15th May 2015

WELSH anti-fascists celebrated yesterday after forcing the BBC to drop plans for a radio debate with fascist guests.

Activists gathered outside the BBC Wales headquarters in Cardiff to celebrate their success in keeping the nazis off the airwaves.

Britain First and BNP candidates had been invited to take part in a European election debate scheduled to take place yesterday afternoon.

But the debate was pulled after Green and No2EU — Yes to Workers’ Rights candidates Pippa Bartolotti and Rob Griffiths refused to take part.

The BBC have instead agreed to interview all candidates and to cover their comments in other programmes as and when appropriate.

Ms Bartolotti welcomed “a very wise compromise by the BBC,” pointing out that it had been put in a difficult position by the electoral commission, which had approved a party name including the words Remember Lee Rigby.

Ms Bartolotti called this “abhorrent,” adding: “Lee Rigby’s family was appalled. I am appalled.”

The Star revealed on Monday that 100 people had complained to the BBC about the contents of Britain First’s party election broadcast, aired in Wales on Friday.

Mr Griffiths explained that debating issues with the BNP and Britain First would have effectively normalised fascism.

“In some European countries, fascist parties are treated as legitimate when in reality they are criminal conspiracies to incite racial hatred,” he said.

“Many of their leaders have long records of criminal convictions and should not be given any platform to promote their odious views.”

THE BNP’s European election campaign has been thrown into disarray after promotional leaflets posted through thousands of letterboxes in Nick Griffin’s own constituency were found to be illegal, it was announced yesterday: here.

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British nazi fuehrer Griffin supports Greek fellow fascists

This music video from Britain says about itself:

April 28, 2012

This is the brand new 7″ record by ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER´S BARNSTORMER.

The A-side gives us the studio version of the live classic “Haider Die!“. A great cover of Simon & Garfunkel´s classic “The Boxer”. The lyrics are about Austrian right-wing politician Joerg Haider who died in an accident. …remember´: “Nazis Shouldn´t Drive” (M.D.C.)

Now, to a Briton very different from Attila the Stockbroker. A nazi leader, not mocking an Austrian nazi, but supporting Greek nazis.

From Dawn of the Greeks blog:

BNP bankrupt Nick Griffin to address Golden Dawn meeting

Posted on January 10, 2014 by dawnofthegreeks

Declared bankrupt earlier this month, Nick Griffin, who heads the British National Party (BNP), will speak in Athens in support of an appeal by neonazi Golden Dawn to the European Court of Human Rights over what it claims is a government’s crackdown on it

The leader of a British far-right party who was declared bankrupt last week will be in Athens on Friday to speak in support of neonazi Golden Dawn.

Nick Griffin, who heads the British National Party (BNP) and is a member of the European Parliament, is scheduled to address a Golden Dawn press conference to present the party’s plans to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights over what it claims is a government’s crackdown on it.

Golden Dawn claims that the remanding in custody of its leader, deputy leader and another party MP as “illegal and unconstitutional” and says it will present documents showing how the “scheme against Golden Dawn was set up”.

In September, after the arrest of Golden Dawn leaders in the aftermath of the stabbing of a antifascist rapper by a party supporter, Griffin expressed his “full solidarity with Greek patriots, being persecuted by the system as a consequence of their fast growing support among ordinary Greeks”.

“The disgrceful [sic] actions taken by the Athens authorities, using false allegations as a cloak of their undemocratic attack on the nationalist alternative, are a clear example of the totalitarian attitude of liberal regimes, which is becoming more and more visible,” Griffin said in a statement.

The following month, in the European Parliament, the MEP said: “Half a million Greek voters have been disenfranchised by the attempted murder of Golden Dawn at the behest of EU bureaucrats, German bankers and Zionist gangsters.”

Golden Dawn’s spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris is also expected to speak at the press conference, which takes place at 5.30pm at the Crystal City Hotel near Karaiskaki square.

Earlier this month, Griffin was named on a list published by the UK’s Insolvency Service after being declared bankrupt at Welshpool and Newtown county court.

On Twitter, the BNP leader said: “Being bankrupt does not prevent me being or standing as an MEP. It does free me from financial worries. A good day!”

This week, the bankrupt Griffin delivered his first cookery programme on his party’s YouTube channel, cooking up a beef stew. He said the idea was to provide simple, cheap recipe ideas to BNP members who have told him “their wives can’t afford to put enough decent food on the table.”

Source: EnetEnglish

Mr Griffin admitted that he was isolated in his support of Nikolaos Michaloliakos, the Golden Dawn leader who, with two other his party’s MPs, has been jailed and faces criminal charges: here.

Neo-nazi ‘mock lynching’ shock for sleepy South Wales Valleys community: here.

Nick Griffin’s vision for BNP-led Britain shown in 1990s police interviews. Papers relating to 1998 prosecution on race hate charges show how Griffin wanted Britain to be overwhelmingly white nation: here.

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British nazi fuehrer Griffin bankrupt

This music video is Der Fuehrer’s Face, made famous by Spike Jones.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Bankruptcy of Nick Griffin deals further blow to British National party

Party dogged by financial claims and dearth of councillors could be absent from UK after European elections, say experts

Rowena Mason and Matthew Taylor

Friday 3 January 2014 18.27 GMT

The bankruptcy of the BNP leader, Nick Griffin, has dealt a further blow to the far-right organisation, which has been rocked by the departure of scores of key activists and a dramatic slump in its popularity at the ballot box.

Griffin‘s name was published by the Insolvency Service after he was declared bankrupt at Welshpool and Newtown county court on Thursday. This followed a dispute between Griffin and a firm of solicitors over outstanding debts of £120,000.

The judgment marks a new low for Griffin and the BNP, which a few years ago boasted 57 councillors, two MEPs and a London assembly member.

Now the party, which has been dogged by allegations of financial mismanagement, has just a smattering of local councillors, and experts say that by May the UK could be “BNP-free” for the first time in a decade if Griffin fails to retain his seat in the European parliamentary elections.

“The important point is that, while Griffin is now personally bankrupt, the party he leads is undoubtedly politically bankrupt,” said Matthew Goodwin, an expert on far-right politics at Nottingham University. “The BNP is finished in elections, and at the European elections this May Griffin is almost certain to lose his seat in the north-west, which will mean for the first time since 2001 Britain will be effectively BNP-free.”

The bankruptcy ruling does not prevent Griffin from standing as an MEP, and on Twitter on Friday he confirmed he would be defending the seat he won in 2009. “Party funds are not affected in any way. Our campaign in May will be our most professional yet and I will be lead candidate in the north-west,” he said.

The BNP spokesman Simon Darby said the judgment followed a dispute between Griffin and his former solicitors, Gilbert Davies and Partners, who represented him in a legal battle with the Equality and Human Rights Commission in 2010 – a case that ended with a court ruling that the BNP’s constitution was racially discriminatory.

The firm, in Griffin’s home town of Welshpool, had claimed the BNP leader owed it £77,000 plus costs. At an earlier hearing, Griffin had been ordered to pay nearly £120,000 in outstanding moneys and costs to the firm.

Darby said that Griffin had no assets as the family’s smallholding near Welshpool was in his wife’s name.

Gilbert Davies refused to answer questions about the case.

But some analysts said the ruling was “another nail in the coffin” for the BNP.

Goodwin said: “The context to this is the implosion of the BNP more generally. The number of BNP members has collapsed by up to 90% according to some estimates, which leaves the party in a very fragile position, especially as most of its key activists have either left politics altogether or joined rival far-right groups.”

As recently as 2009, when it won two seats at the European parliament and had a London assembly member, the BNP appeared to be on the brink of breaking through into mainstream British politics. However, since then it has been beset by vicious internal feuds and an implosion of support that saw it lose all but three of its councillors last year.

In October last year Andrew Brons, the party’s second MEP announced he was quitting the BNP with an angry statement claiming that the vast majority of the party’s membership, activists and former officials had already left. He blamed Griffin, for “having destroyed the party of which he is still nominally head”.

On Friday Darby refused to say how many councillors the BNP had. A spokesman for the Local Government Association said its records showed the party had just two councillors, excluding town or parish councils.

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Get British nazi Brons out

This 2017 video is called The Origins of the British Far-Right.

Another video from Britain used to say about itself:

The direct precursor to Rock Against Racism and today’s Love Music Hate Racism campaign was the Stars Campaign for Inter-Racial Friendship, founded in 1959 to combat the activities of the White Defence League (sic) in London’s Notting Hill. The chairman of the Stars Campaign for Inter-Racial Friendship was the musician Johnny Dankworth, and members included the gorgeous mixed-race actress and singer Cleo Laine, Tommy Steele, Lonnie Donegan and Humphrey Lyttelton, and the founder was the Anti-Fascist folk singer Karl Dallas.

Highlights of this clip include the iconic image of the black NHS nurse walking past the barricaded shop-front of the White Defence League – neatly illustrating why Britain did NOT need people like the WDL, and Cleo Laine discussing how Fascists would have to repatriate her to her birthplace in… Middlesex.

The White Defence League was founded by veteran British Nazi and posh twat Colin Jordan and bank-rolled by a noxious French aristocrat called Francoise Dior (a relative of the Nazi collaborator Christian Dior and ex-wife of Comte Robert-Henry de Caumont La Force) who Jordan married to prevent her imminent deportation as an undesirable alien. Wedding photos of Dior and Jordan mingling blood over a copy of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” were widely published in the UK press, but Francoise Dior dumped Jordan shortly afterwards and was jailed for trying to burn down English synagogues.

The WDL failed to achieve anything and merged with another Fascist group to form the first British National Party in 1960. Jordan was jailed for founding a paramilitary group with fellow Nazi uniform creep and Adolf Hitler impersonator John Tyndall, before Tyndall and Jordan had a tiff, and Tyndall hooked-up with the … racist Martin Webster in the National Front. The NF split in 1980 and John Tyndall led a faction, originally called the New National Front, which Tyndall re-christened with the same name as the old BNP. Today Tyndall’s BNP is run by Martin Webster’s alleged former boyfriend Nick Griffin.

Colin Jordan was elected “World Führer” at a Nazi conference in 1962 but one of Jordan’s few real achievements was being punched by the future Chancellor of the Exchequer Denis Healey during a Fascist attack on a Labour Party meeting in 1965. Jordan is most “famous” however for founding a wannabe Nazi street army called the British Movement, which fell into terminal pointlessness after Jordan was arrested for stealing women’s underwear from a branch of Tesco.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Campaigners launch bid to oust fascist Euro-MP Brons

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Unions and anti-racism campaigners in Yorkshire and the Humber are mobilising to oust the region’s fascist Euro-MP.

They will be targeting Andrew Brons, who was elected British National Party (BNP) member of the European Parliament for the region in 2009.

Mr Brons scraped in with just 9.8 per cent of the vote – the lowest of the six successful candidates – while BNP leader Nick Griffin was elected for the neighbouring north-west constituency.

Since being elected they have strengthened links with other European far-right parties.

A Brons Must Go! campaign has been launched following meetings of Yorkshire and the Humber TUC’s anti-fascist committee, which is working with Unite Against Fascism.

Secretary of Yorkshire and the Humber TUC Bill Adams said: “I support the campaign to defeat Brons and remove him from the European Parliament.

“His racist views and his inept brand of political activity has not represented the people of Yorkshire and the Humber in Europe. He has to go!”

Regional TUC chairman Tim Roache of the GMB union added: “We decided to target getting Brons out.

“We are well aware of the damage and devastation far-right parties are capable of.

“First we will be raising awareness among union members and then mobilising them, getting them active delivering leaflets, canvassing, knocking on doors. We will get him out.”

While Mr Brons will be the TUC’s main target, other far-right parties standing candidates will be opposed with the mobilisation, Mr Roache added.

The campaign already has the support of regional leaders of the PCS, CWU, Ucatt and Aslef unions.

Mr Brons is a veteran fascist and neo nazi. In 1964, at the age of 17, he joined the National Socialist Movement, founded on Adolf Hitler’s birthday by Colin Jordan.

His far-right political career saw him become chairman of the National Front (NF), the organisation of street-fighting thugs.

He was twice NF general election candidate in his home town Harrogate in North Yorkshire during the ’70s, each time polling just 2.3 per cent of the votes.

Mr Brons was also a lecturer at Harrogate College, which was targeted for demonstrations because of his racism and fascism. He has a conviction for using insulting words and behaviour while handing out NF leaflets in Leeds.

Later, he joined Mr Griffin’s BNP though since being elected he has quit the party, before last year helping to found the British Democratic Party.

Mr Brons’s term as a Euro-MP ends in 2014.

Yorkshire’s fascist Euro-MP Andrew Brons is to stand down at next year’s elections to the European Parliament: here.