British BNP nazis deregistered as political party

This 2010 video from Britain says about itself:

BNP bombers off our streets!!

Stop the British Nazi Party before they blow us all up.

Say no to terrorism on the streets of the UK; say no to the BNP.

Q-So whats the difference between an Islamic extremists’ bomb and a right wing BNP extremist bomb?

A-Nothing …..they both kill indiscriminately.

What’s interesting is that islam4uk got banned but they have no known convicted terrorist in their ranks but yet the BNP have shown us time and time again they are a safe haven for Nazi terrorists, so why are the BNP not banned?

The British Nazi Party is a danger to everyone.

Stop them now!

All content owned by BBC/ITN and used with kind permission.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Numbskull neonazis ineligible for elections

Saturday 9th January 2016

FAR-RIGHT outfit the BNP is no longer a political party, having failed to register with the Electoral Commission.

The commission removed the BNP from its register of British parties yesterday after the group failed to submit the required annual notification and £25 fee due on Wednesday.

Unless the racist group submits a fresh application it will no longer be able to field candidates and its name, descriptions and emblem won’t be allowed on ballot papers.

In 2009 the BNP held more than 50 council seats and had two MEPs but has been in steep decline ever since.

It fielded just eight candidates in the 2015 general election, down from 338 in 2010.

Former leader Nick Griffin was replaced by Adam Walker months after losing the party’s last European Parliament seat in an electoral meltdown in 2014.

Mr Griffin, who accepted at the time that the BNP could be considered racist, was later expelled for allegedly “trying to cause disunity” in a bid to destabilise the organisation.

The BNP said the negligence was a clerical error and it would submit the necessary paperwork in the next few days.

9 thoughts on “British BNP nazis deregistered as political party

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  2. Wednesday 20th January 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    WASHED-UP far-right group the BNP was fined £2,400 by the Electoral Commission yesterday after failing to file its accounts on time.

    The British National Party was punished for delays in delivering its 2014 accounts after it struggled to find an auditor and its treasurer suffered health problems.

    An Electoral Commission spokesman said the BNP had already been granted a one-month extension to the July 7 2015 deadline for filing its accounts and the watchdog had opened a probe when this was missed too.

    The accounts were finally delivered on October 16.

    The fine is the latest sign of trouble within the BNP, which is currently not an official party after failing to register and pay a £25 fee due on January 7.

    As a result, the BNP has lost its right to field candidates in elections.

    The commission has not received a fresh application despite assurances from BNP spokesman Stephen Squire that the party would reapply.,400-fine-for-late-filing-of-accounts#.Vp_gY1JrgdU


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