Elections in Britain, as ‘New’ Labour harms Labour

This video from Britain says about itself:

This clip shows Tony Blair lying in the British Houses of Parliament. It includes the famous lie about Iraq’s ability to use weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes. A claim based on fabricated intelligence

On 1 May, there will be local elections in England, including in London; and in Wales.

From an item at the Socialist Unity blog in England:

Any analysis of the possibility of creating a viable left alternative should start with looking at the Labour Party. Left candidate for the Deputy Leadership, Jon Cruddas MP, has explained:

“Since Labour won the 1997 election, it has shed 4.5 million voters, the vast bulk of whom fall into four main groups.

• The manual working class, which has seen well-paid jobs exported to low-wage economies
• Public-service workers, who resent private-sector penetration and government “reforms”
• Black and ethnic minorities, who have reacted against the Iraq war and ministerial racist scapegoating
• Urban intellectuals who have switched, largely to the Liberal Democrats, over the war.

A recent YouGov poll revealed that 15 million people self-identified as Labour voters, but one-third of them said that they would not vote Labour under present circumstances. “

In addition, the Party has lost 200000 members since 1997.

Lord Cashpoint wields the knife: Brown hits back at Levy’s claims of bitter in-fighting at the heart of New Labour: here.

BNP frontman Richard Barnbrook has been cheating on his ballerina fiancée… with a FOREIGN NURSE: here.

Anti BNP march: here.

4 thoughts on “Elections in Britain, as ‘New’ Labour harms Labour

  1. Labour MP may advise Johnson
    Tue Apr 29, 2008 2:44pm BST

    By Andrew Hough

    LONDON (Reuters) – Labour MP and former sports minister Kate Hoey has agreed to become an adviser to London Conservative mayoral candidate Boris Johnson if he wins Thursday’s election.

    Johnson said the MP for Vauxhall in south London would become an unpaid sport and Olympics advisor.

    He also said Hoey would become the first member of his administration if he beats incumbent Ken Livingstone but she denied she was doing anything more than offering advice.

    Hoey, a former Sports and Home Office Minister during former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s premiership, said it was not a personal endorsement.

    But her appointment was greeted with joy from senior Tory officials and silence from Labour party figures.

    “I am delighted to announce that Kate Hoey will join me in my administration if I win on May 1,” Johnson said in a statement.

    “She and I agree that there is much more that can be done to promote sport and to develop sporting facilities across London.”

    Tory leader David Cameron told reporters he was delighted with the appointment. “She will be a great part of his team,” he added.

    Hoey said she would advise on a “non-partisan basis in respect of my lifetime commitment to bringing sport to the people of London”.

    She had acted in similar positions for other Conservative MPs including John Bercow and Patrick Mercer.

    “This is not an endorsement of Boris Johnson for Mayor,” said Hoey, who was one of the 39 Labour rebels who had been due to vote against Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s 10p tax changes before last week’s compromise.

    “I will be voting for my party and Labour candidates on Thursday,” she added. “I am a Labour MP and I am standing for Labour at the next election.”

    The Labour Party and Livingstone’s office had no immediate comment.

    The announcement comes a day after a survey showed Johnson had surged ahead of Livingstone, which echoed national polls showing support for Labour falling.

    (Additional reporting by David Clarke. Editing by Stephen Addison)


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