British anti war party in London elections

This video is called George Galloway’s speech to Parliament, January 2007, about the Middle East and the Iraq war.

From the Respect Supporters Blog in England:

George Galloway has announced that he will be standing for Respect in the GLA elections in May.

He will be joined by, amongst others, Respect councillors from Tower Hamlets and Newham, including Councillor Hanif Abdulmuhit who was selected as Respect’s City and East candidate last year, and Newham Councillor Sheikh as well as Respect Leader Linda Smith, both of whom were also selected to stand for the Respect GLA list last year.

George Galloway’s bid to be elected to the GLA is being supported by Britiain’s foremost film director Ken Loach (but not standing), Equity President Harry Landis and comedian and writer Mark Steel (but not standing), amongst others.

“It’s time to shake things up on the Greater London Assembly and I and my colleagues intend to do just that,” said George Galloway. “We need an Assembly which will support Livingstone when he does the right thing, but which will also keep him in check.”

“We have an all but invisible New Labour clone in East London who the voters have seen nothing of over the last four years,” said City and East Respect candidate Hanif Abdulmuhit. “I intend to ensure the voice of all of East London is heard in the Assembly when I am elected in May.”

George Galloway also made it clear that he would be supporting Ken Livingstone against Boris Johnson. “This is going to be a two horse race,” said Galloway . “Johnson is an unreconstructed Tory toff with an appalling record of ignorance and bigotry. Don’t be conned by his buffoonery. He really is dangerous. Whatever criticisms one has of Ken, and I have plenty, London will be better off with him rather than Johnson.”

Asked about other candidates, Respect’s registered Leader and Nominating Officer Linda Smith commented: “There has been an unfortunate split in Respect with the Socialist Workers Party. The SWP used to support Respect, but is now standing as the Left List, whatever that may be. Only the candidates and the list that I as the Nominating Officer authorise will be Respect’s official candidates and list in May. I can confirm I will be nominating George Galloway’s list and Councillor Hanif Abdulmuhit for City and East to stand for Respect.”

For more comment and information, contact Rob Hoveman on 07507 600561

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