In British elections, Labour now third party, ‘thank you’ Blair and Brown

This video is called Bye bye Blair.

Yesterday, there were local elections in England and Wales.

Not all results are known yet; for instance, the London results are not in yet.

However, as far as results are in, the Labour party vote has collapsed into becoming the third party, smaller than the Conservatives, even smaller than the Liberal Democrats.

The BBC says:

[Labour Prime Minister] Gordon Brown says it has been a “bad” and “disappointing” night for Labour, as the party suffers its worst local election results in at least 40 years.

BBC research suggests Labour won 24% of votes cast in England and Wales, behind the Tories on 44% and Lib Dems on 25%.

So far Labour has lost more than 160 seats with the Tories gaining 147.

‘Thank you’, ‘New’ Labour Rightist fake ‘reformers’!

‘Thank you’, Tony Blair, for your Iraq and Afghanistan wars and your Thatcherism!

Thanks, Gordon Brown, for your admiration for United States neo-conservative Gertrud Himmelfarb!

Socialist Unity blog in Britain about the election results: here and here.

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