BNP politician helped murder for apartheid

This video says about itself:

The BNP Hereford Branch was recently founded by a convicted Nazi terrorist and (thankfully failed) child murderer called Lambertus Nieuwhof. Lambertus Nieuwhof was a member of a paramilitary terror group called the AWB or Afrikaner Resistance Movement, led by a notorious South African racist (and Adolf Hitler impersonator) called Eugene Terre’Blanche (who is referred to as “The Leader” in this video). This video depicts the bombing campaign in which Lambertus Nieuwhof participated, which the AWB waged against the introduction of democracy in South Africa.

Lambertus Nieuwhof (who is known as “Bep” in BNP circles) planted a 25kg bomb in a mixed-race Calvary church SCHOOL in Nelspruit, South Africa. One of his gang grassed his “comrades”, the Nazis were arrested and convicted, but, like many other AWB thugs, received light sentences from a judiciary still riddled with vicious racists and Apartheid supporters. Using money donated by BNP supporters, the BNP also employ this terrorist (and his company Vidronic Online) to run several BNP websites right NOW.

Because the BNP is desperate to distance itself from the actions of BNP terrorists like David Copeland, Tony Lecomber, John Laidlaw and Robert Cottage, some BNP supporters claim that Lambertus Nieuwhof didn’t really want to MURDER children, suggesting his bomb was planted one evening when the school was empty – this excuse is about as pathetic as pretending that the IRA didn’t really want to kill Maraget Thatcher because the Grand Hotel bomb was planted weeks before it was timed to detonate!

Another prominent and current BNP activist is Nieuwhof’s friend Arthur Kemp. Arthur Kemp is a former member of South Africa’s Apartheid-era secret services, who were infamous for their brutal enforcement of evil race-hate laws. Arthur Kemp was arrested for instigating the MURDER of ANC activist Chris Hani, but – BNP activists be warned – Arthur Kemp escaped jail by informing on his white “comrades”! As you can tell from searching You Tube, Arthur Kemp regularly speaks at BNP rallies, including the BNP “Red White and Blue” Festival.

The BNP claim they are no longer Nazi, but right now Arthur Kemp is heavily involved with an American Nazi group called the National Alliance, and with a German Nazi group called the NPD. Kemp recently addressed a Nazi rally in Germany and contributed to a Nazi magazine published by a former SS officer. The BNP denied any responsibility for inspiring the murders carried out by David Copeland, but the BNP sold a terror manual called “The Turner Diaries” which David Copeland admitted inspired his nail-bombs; Arthur Kemp wrote a book called “The Story of the AWB”, which celebrates AWB terrorism, and which is sold by the BNP Excalibur Book Service right now!

The 777 style Swastika flag used by Lambertus Nieuwhof’s AWB is the same flag used by the recently convicted Nazi paedophile Martyn Gilleard…

If that all wasn’t disgusting enough, the fact that the BNP are still racist is also PROVEN by the BNP actively welcoming white African immigrants into the UK, while pretending to oppose immigration. The truth is that in practice the BNP only oppose immigration if it’s by black Africans, therefore the BNP is by definition racist. The BNP also pretend to oppose asylum seekers, while helping foreign CRIMINALS like Lambertus Nieuwhof to find what is effectively asylum in the UK from the dangers they created for themselves in their own countries. If there really are BNP supporters who are genuinely not Nazi or racist, these people should leave the BNP immediately!

From British daily The Guardian:

BNP‘s attempt to gain first European seat aided by man linked to ANC leader’s killer

• Far-right activist arrested over Hani’s murder in 1993
• Anti-fascist group warns of BNP ‘mask of moderation’

* Matthew Taylor
* Friday 8 May 2009 21.18 BST

A far-right activist linked to the murderer of the South African Communist party and ANC leader Chris Hani in 1993 is playing an influential role in the British National party in the run-up to next month’s European election campaign.

Arthur Kemp runs the party’s merchandising arm, Excalibur, and was pictured this week at the BNP‘s election headquarters in mid-Wales helping to prepare thousands of campaign leaflets.

Hani was one of South Africa’s most popular and skilled black politicians and his killing was an attempt to derail the transition from apartheid to democracy. Kemp, the author of March of the Titans: A History of the White Race, was one of a number of people arrested in connection with the murder. He was released without charge but information drawn from a list of names he produced was found at the home of anti-Communist activist Janusz Walus, who was one of two men convicted of the shooting.

At the subsequent trial, at which he appeared as a prosecution witness, Kemp admitted producing a list of names but denied having knowingly supplied a ­”hitlist”. The list had Nelson Mandela‘s name at the top; Hani’s was third.

Kemp’s book, which is popular with far-right activists around the world, questions the number of Jews killed in the second world war.

Kemp worked for the white supremacist South African Conservative party before moving to the UK in 1996. He joined the BNP and now helps edit the party’s website and is widely seen as one of leader Nick Griffin’s key policy advisers. …

Last month [BNP bigwig] Darby was pictured arriving at a conference in Milan flanked by men giving a one-armed fascist salute. Roberto Fiore, leader of Forza Nuova, a rightwing Italian party, who once said he was happy to be described as a neo-fascist, was present, as was French National Front MEP and convicted Holocaust denier Bruno Gollnisch. Darby spoke of the “looming and growing problem of the colonisation of our country [UK] by Islamists”.

In October [BNP leader] Griffin addressed a crowd of far-right activists in Prague including hundreds of members of the Czech National party which has produced a study titled The Final Solution of the Gypsy Question. He also spoke at a nationalist rally in Hungary telling the crowd: “We are all in the same struggle against the same ­enemies. Now we all stand together in a long march for freedom and the next step on that long march to freedom is June 2009.”

COMMUNISTS and trade unions condemned the release on parole yesterday of the man behind the 1993 assassination of South African Communist Party (SACP) leader Chris Hani. Clive Derby-Lewis was granted parole on compassionate grounds by Judge Selby Baqwa at the High Court in Pretoria: here.

Calls for racially segregated public transport in Milan sparks row: here.

Hungarian fascists: here.


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  8. Friday 11th April 2014

    South Africans remember revolutionary Communist Party martyr Chris Hani 21 years after he was murdered by a far-right fanatic in a futile bid to derail negotiations on ending apartheid

    South Africans paid tribute yesterday to revolutionary martyr Chris Hani, 21 years after he was murdered in a futile bid to derail negotiations ending apartheid.

    Hani was South African Communist Party (SACP) general secretary when he was shot dead by far-right Polish emigre Janusz Walus, supported by senior Conservative Party MP Clive Derby-Lewis.

    Their bid to throw negotiations into chaos failed and the assassination is generally seen as a turning point in fighting for a settlement.

    Current SACP leader Blade Nzimande said the party “once more wishes to lower its red flag in honour” of Hani, who he called a “disciplined, loyal and dedicated cadre of our movement.”

    He said: “Comrade Chris stood for the unity of our alliance (with union federation Cosatu and governing party ANC), as well as the unity of each of the components of this revolutionary alliance.”

    Mr Nzimande called on South African workers to honour Hani by coming out in force to support the ANC at elections on May 7.

    The SACP leader said the anniversary came as South Africans celebrated 20 years of democracy as well as shortly before the country’s fifth multi-racial elections.

    But he also pointed out that “our ally Cosatu is facing one of its toughest challenges in its entire history of existence,” referring to tensions caused by the suspension of union federation leader Zwelinzima Vavi.

    “In memory of Cde Chris we must be cadres of and for unity,” said Mr Nzimande.

    Cosatu also paid tribute to “the people’s general secretary.”

    It said: “He was a people’s leader who always identified with the poor and the working class.

    “He was an intellectual but was at the same time part and parcel of the working-class movement.

    “He understood that socialist ideology was useless unless it could be explained and made relevant to the workers and the poor.”

    South African President Jacob Zuma added: “Chris Hani payed a supreme price with his life for us to have political settlement. His death unlocked negotiations.”


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