British neo-nazis, new book

This video, recorded in the USA, says about itself:

BNP Nick Griffin + KKK Terrorism

BNP chairman Nick Griffin speaks to an audience of American BNP sympathisers alongside convicted fraudster David Duke of the blatantly Nazi American terror group the KKK, who have been responsible for dozens of savage killings and hate crimes in the USA.

In his speech the BNP chairman confirms that BNP strategy is to re-package and “sell” BNP ideas to British voters. The BNP chairman confirms that, instead of using traditional far-right slogans about terror, hate, authoritarianism and violence, the new BNP strategy is to use “saleable words” like “freedom, security, identity, democracy” instead, while reassuring his (small) pro-KKK audience that the secret and real BNP beliefs are still “your ideas too”.

Nick Griffin admits that the long-term BNP goal of forcibly expelling all non-White Britons from the their homes is, for the time being, best served by “being rather more subtle” – because in the short-term, the BNP being HONEST about their real beliefs would get his party “absolutely nowhere”.

BNP chairman Nick Griffin dreams of a day when the BNP will “control the British broadcasting media”, and when British people will (as a result) have been tricked into electing the BNP. In other words BNP chairman Nick Griffin dreams of a day when HE will control the British media, and when British people will have been tricked into electing HIM.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Bloody Nasty People – The Rise Of Britain’s Far Right

by Daniel Trilling

Tuesday 04 September 2012

This is a well-researched and referenced book which focuses on the roots of today’s British National Party and its rise and decline, the latter paralleled by the birth and growth of the English Defence League.

While Nick Griffin attempted to give the BNP a “respectable” image – suits, collars and ties, door-knocking, an electoral programme -the EDL, in attempting to provoke its own race war, is more akin to the boot-boy street-fighting image of the 1970s National Front.

Like Oswald Mosley‘s 1930s fascists, the EDL has also declared publicly that it sees meetings of its foes – anti-racists and trade unions – as fair game for attack.

The targets of racism and fascism change of course according to what can be made fashionable to hate.

That’s the case with Jewish people in the 1930s, black people in the 1950s and 1960s, Asian people in the 1970s and 1980s and now Islam, the target of both the BNP and the EDL.

While much of Daniel Trilling’s information is known to veteran anti-fascist campaigners such as those involved in the excellent magazine Searchlight, Trilling pulls together many different strands to provide a comprehensive and informative piece of work which contributes usefully to the fight against the fascists.

The book rightly identifies the role of the establishment media in aiding and abetting the BNP and its fellow travellers – the tabloids’ targeting of Islam, asylum-seekers and travelling people are notorious examples.

It also identifies the willingness of the three main political parties to steal the BNP’s racist rhetoric in their electoral campaigns in an attempt to defeat them, usually unsuccessfully.

There was the Liberal Democrat promise of housing for “sons and daughters” in Tower Hamlets in the 1990s. Derek Beacon was subsequently elected as the BNP’s first councillor in Millwall.

Labour’s David Blunkett proclaimed that asylum-seekers were “swamping” British schools in 2002 and current Foreign Secretary William Hague made immigration an election issue in 2000.

The BNP is in electoral decline thanks in the main to the activities of anti-fascist campaigners outside the main political party structures but the conditions on which it thrived are still there – poverty, poor housing, unemployment and racism in the Establishment media.

For those reasons alone this is a very timely book.

Bloody Nasty People is published on September 17.

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