Walter Wolfgang, anti-Blair Holocaust survivor, elected to British Labour Party executive

Walter Wolfgang

Of Tony Blair’s Labour Party in Britain, less than half of the original membership are still members now, not having left in disgust about Blair, voting with their feet, like more than half did in the past years.

The membership now, less than half in numbers than when Blair took office in 1997, have given Blair a slap in the face, electing the Hitler holocaust survivor, whom Blair’s hired thugs manhandled when he was a party conference delegate, Walter Wolfgang, to the party executive.

From British daily The Independent:

Peace activist Wolfgang is elected on to Labour NEC committee

By Nigel Morris, Home Affairs Correspondent

Published: 04 August 2006

Walter Wolfgang, the veteran peace activist ejected from the Labour conference last year for heckling the Foreign Secretary over Iraq, has been elected to the party’s ruling body.

Activists voted him on to the National Executive Committee in one of the six places reserved for constituency members.

He will be entitled to sit alongside Tony Blair at NEC meetings and sit on the platform at the conference in Manchester next month.

Mr Wolfgang, 83, a Labour member for 58 years, said he would argue for immediate withdrawal of British troops from Iraq and against replacing the Trident nuclear weapon system.

He also denounced the Government for failing to demand a ceasefire in Lebanon.

He promised to champion ordinary party members who felt sidelined by the “control-freakery” of the Labour leadership.

He said: “Democracy has been deliberately eroded by the Blairites.

But grassroots members are very much aware this Government’s foreign policy has gone wrong and supporters in the country feel the Labour Government isn’t on their side.”

Mr Wolfgang called for the Prime Minister’s resignation and doubted whether Gordon Brown, the Chancellor, was the right man to replace him.

He said he would support a left-wing contender for the leadership such as Michael Meacher or John McDonnell.

Stewards manhandled Mr Wolfgang from the Brighton conference in September last year after he shouted “nonsense” during a speech by Jack Straw, then Foreign Secretary.

He was later detained by police under anti-terrorism powers when he tried to walk back into the conference.

Congratulations, Mr Wolfgang!

Please, give Blair and his gang of war criminals and cash for peerages con artists hell.

British MP Michael Meacher suggests Security Services are shielding July 7 bomb plotters: here.

20 thoughts on “Walter Wolfgang, anti-Blair Holocaust survivor, elected to British Labour Party executive

  1. Off the subject, but you had the right take on the Mel Gibson arrest. The right has rushed to defend him, tried to accuse various leftists of being the “real” antisemites, etc. I suppose if the little guy asked me for help with his alcoholism, I would treat him compassionately, but for the moment, he remains a political enemy.


  2. Hi Jon, as always you’re very welcome here, and thanks for this comment. Well, if saying that Jews supposedly cause all wars is not “real” anti-Semitism, there is something wrong with the logic of people who say that.

    I wonder how, and if, Blair will comment on Walter Wolfgang’s election …


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