Stop the War demonstration, 24 June, Manchester, England

This video is called Stop the War Demo Manchester.

It was filmed in Manchester, England, during the Labour Party conference, 23rd September, 2006.

From the Stop the War Coalition in Britain:

Stop The War challenges police on 24th June

Stop the War Coalition is organising an anti-war demonstration at the special Labour conference in Manchester on Sunday 24 June, at which Gordon Brown will become party leader, before being installed as prime minister three days later.

Coaches will bring protestors from across the country to call for a change of policy to go with the change of leader.

Our slogans will be: Troops Out of Iraq Now, No Attack on Iran and Break the British government’s link with US foreign policy.

Stop the War learned this week that the Manchester Police want to stop anti-war protestors getting within earshot of the leadership conference, keeping us a quarter of a mile from the venue.

The police claim we represent a security threat.

In practice they are trying to hide Gordon Brown from a protest which will represent the voice of majority opinion in this country.

According to the latest poll only 14 percent of British people support the Iraq war.

Walter Wolfgang, Labour Party NEC member says, “The police’s position is unacceptable.

Millions want a speedy withdrawal from Iraq.

It is outrageous to try to keep them away from our conference.”

Stop the War will insist that the police cannot be used to shield the government from the public.

In the words of our national convenor, Lindsey German, “We will not be a silent majority. We insist on our right to march near the conference.”

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US Senator Lieberman and war on Iran: here.

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