Britain: Iraq war: bereaved soldiers’ families found anti Blair party, Spectre

Blair cartoon by Steve Bell

From British daily The Guardian:

Blair faces new war challenge

Bereaved service families launch anti-war party

Up to 70 Labour-held seats to be fought at election

Will Woodward and Steve Boggan

Saturday August 5, 2006

Tony Blair‘s domestic problems over his foreign policy will intensify this month when a new political party launched by the families of British soldiers killed in Iraq lays out its plans to contest every by-election and field up to 70 candidates at the next general election.

Reg Keys, who stood against Mr Blair in last year, unveils details of the launch of his party, Spectre, in the Guardian today.

His son, Thomas, was killed with five other Royal Military policemen in Iraq in 2003.

“We all feel we’ve been lied to, ignored and, frankly, insulted.

But now it’s different. Now we’re going to make ministers pay with their seats,” Mr Keys said.

He said the bereaved relatives behind the new party would meet to establish its strategy over the next two weeks.

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