Video of anti Iraq war march in London, England

The Stop the War Coalition in Britain writes about the demonstration depicted in this video:

Thousands defy ban to march on Parliament

Yesterday´s demonstration was a tremendous success and a big victory for our movement. It was attended by at least 5,000 people, a hugely impressive turnout for a weekday. Coaches came from far and wide and the number of students on the march was particularly impressive. Many colleges brought their biggest delegations since the Febuary 15 2003. Many people have sent e-mails or phoned over the last few days sending support and saying they wished they could attend.

The size and spirit of the march reflected the deep public disgust at the government’s continued support for Bush’s wars. It also showed the determination of the movement. A feeder march of students from SOAS, Kings, LSE and Scotland were received with cheers as they approached the square, chanting ‘defy the ban, we will march’.

The police’s attempt to ban the march, no doubt at the insistence of government ministers, served only to increase the turnout. The scale of the response and the tremendous public stand taken by Tony Benn, Walter Wolfgang, Brian Eno and others made it impossible for the police to stop us on the day. And so a disturbing assault on our civil liberties was overturned and the views of the anti war majority were delivered to parliament.

The Stop the War Coalition would like to thank everyone who managed to attend yesterday, everyone who helped organise and publicise the demonstration and the many hundreds of people from around the country and the world who have e-mailed and phoned their messages of support.

Demonstration report: here.

Gordon Brown and the Iraq war: here.

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