Britain: two thirds of people oppose new nuclear weapons

British anti Trident actionFrom British daily The Independent:

Most people in Britain oppose the replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system, a report shows.

A survey of 1,000 adults for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) revealed that almost two out of three were against a new generation of nuclear missiles.

CND said the result was a 5 per cent increase in public opposition to Trident replacement since a similar poll almost a year ago.

A 50,000-signature petition was handed in to 10 Downing Street yesterday as part of a campaign against Britain developing new nuclear weapons.

Opposition to Trident replacement has prompted a 300 per cent increase in membership of CND, with Chancellor Gordon Brown’s declaration of support for replacing the missile system accounting for a substantial rise in new membership requests.

Britain: nuclear power: here.

2 thoughts on “Britain: two thirds of people oppose new nuclear weapons


    The DOE and NNSA (National Nuclear Security Administration) came up with a SWEIS — a Side Wide Environmental Impact Statement for the new mission at LANL, which will effectively transform the Labs into a Nuclear Bomb Factory, eventually churning out 120 or even 200 new pits per year. This 1600 page document talks about how to handle and clean up all the waste and contamination that will be generated — as if Los Alamos has had a spotless record thus far and we should just trust their ability.

    I am not going to read it –it is a macabre sideshow –like talking about reducing the smoke from the ovens of Auschwitz.

    The environment I am concerned with –never even mentioned in the SWEIS– is the psychic environment that goes together with the manufacture of Weapons of Mass Destruction. I am talking about the denial of any sort of future for our children and what that does to them. Is it a coincidence that New Mexico has the highest suicide rate among juveniles ?

    I am concerned about the international ‘environment’ that is created by trashing treaties such as the NPT or the CTBT ( Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty). Isn’t our complicity and bad faith, the reason that people all over the world see us as enemies ? Isn’t that the motivation behind proliferation of nuclear weapons in poor backward places like Iran and North Korea ? If the largest conventional army needs nuclear weapons –don’t we all ?

    I am concerned with the contamination of morals. Nuclear weapons condemn most of humanity to live in fear and slavishly follow the global master elite and be brainwashed not to challenge the propaganda slurry that masquerades as education or news.

    I am concerned about how to control a privatized corporate nuclear weapon industry, now that the contract for Los Alamos’ Weapons of Mass Destruction Factory has gone to Bechtel and the University of California. Don’t corporations work to maximize profit for their shareholders –in this case fomenting conflict all over so that there is a lively market for their ‘product’ ? What about congressional or regulatory oversight in this scenario ? This concern is not farfetched: remember, the FBI had to fly in with helicopters in order to shut down Rocky Flats.

    The vision behind making new pits is the nightmare of Fascism and Hibakusha . You know that the threshold of Fascism is crossed when spying and fear become tools of control, when torture is condoned and when civilian targets become commonplace. Originally Hibakusha are the survivors of the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Most of the Hibakusha, even the ones that at some point were able to function again in some semblance of normalcy, are marked by scars that will never heal from the continuous torture that was perpetrated on them in one single flash of human madness.

    The phenomenon of Hibakusha has been spreading since 1945 over the whole world. Now we have Hibakusha in the Bikini Atoll, in Australia, in Kosovo, Afghanistan and in Iraq. We have Hibakusha in the Ukraine, and Belarus. We have Hibakusha here in America itself like the Shoshone Nation (the most bombed nation on earth) in Nevada, or here in our backyard New Mexico: we have Hibakusha in Laguna, Acoma, in Grants, in Navajo, and in Espanola. If it were up to corporations like Bechtel, BWTX, Lockheed Martin, the Washington Group, plus the University of California, we soon all be Hibakusha.

    Declaring war on ill defined concepts such as ‘terror’ or ‘drugs’, involves the prospect endless wars, without any measure of victory, and a total arbitrary distinction between (as they so simply put it these days) the ‘good guys’ and the ‘bad guys’. The only winners are the corporations that make the weapons, giving them an interest in ‘privatizing conflict’, and managing the public’ perception by control over the media.

    In a world where most of the money is thus spent on weapons, most of the problems start looking like military problems and most of the solutions therefore look military as well –yet we need to open our eyes to the bankruptcy this has wreaked on civil society. This blind militarism is the cause for proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear bombs, worldwide. Nuclear weapons are the very spear point of this culture of violence — the ultimate failure of diplomacy — highlighting our inability to talk with each other as humans among humans. People have to understand that the Falluyas of our time are just a prelude to the use of nuclear devices. These weapons are not just aimed at the people of the world, they are not just taking away the resources of the next generations –these weapons are aimed at the heart of human dignity. Yet our whole foreign policy rests on the fear that these weapons instill –they provide a kind of ‘civilized terrorism’ as tool to the commander in chief.

    When over 80% of the American public has expressed a desire for nuclear disarmament and yet, the US national laboratories such as LANL in Los Alamos and Sandia laboratory in Albuquerque –both in New Mexico, keep pursuing renewed testing, upgrading nuclear weapons, and building a new pit production factory –there is something seriously wrong. It illustrates that that the sheer magnitude of nuclear weapons and everything that comes with it, such as research, production, contamination, security, etc., is incompatible with a functioning democracy –and that democracy may have to be rebuilt from the bottom up. Neighborhoods, communities and cities are now the vehicles that express the peoples will and have to represent the changes we are seeking. True security and democracy comes from a stronger sense of community, from getting closer. This is why it is significant that Santa Fe is about to adopt a second resolution against pit production in Los Alamos and in favor of strengthening the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and other disarmament treaties. Being a City of Peace and Holy Faith (Santa Fe) at this point means to resist the Weapons of Mass Destruction Facility called LANL on a mesa nearby. The people of the world are watching and wondering if We the People are up to the task. My friends Let’s take courage: It started here, Let’s stop it here.

    Willem Malten


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