UK Minister Hain attacks Tony Blair

This video from December 2006 is called Butchering Iraq – Bush’s and Blair’s Crusade.

From its former YouTube text, no longer at YouTube:

In 2003 George Bush and Tony Blair invaded Iraq based on lies and deception. They claim that Iraq is better off because of it. They believe that History will judge them. For once I completely agree.

This film highlights the lies of Bush and Blair and the carnage they have unleashed in their bid to force a US compliant regime on Iraq.

Keywords: george bush tony blair iraq iran war crimes human rights saddam military execution peace democracy weapons destruction oil mercenaries military lies deception chemical depleted uranium white phosphorus.

From British daily The Independent:

Blair has ignored Labour’s natural voters, says Hain

By Colin Brown and Ben Russell

Published: 07 June 2007

Peter Hain, the Northern Ireland Secretary [and deputy Labour party leader candidate], has launched a blistering attack on Tony Blair’s legacy, accusing the Blair Government of “insulting” centre-left voters as the ballot forms were issued for the deputy leadership election.

“The relationship between Labour and millions of progressive voters has become sour and distrustful,” he said.

Writing in the New Statesman, he said: “We have been careless, indifferent and, at times, needlessly offensive to the concerns and values of too many of our natural supporters.”

He made his attack as the battle got under way for second-preference votes which could decide the outcome of the race.

Why did not Hain say these so true things about Tony Blair, when the battle in Iraq threatened to get under way in the spring of 2003?

Why, oh why, Peter Hain, didn’t you have the courage of the late Robin Cook, to denounce Tony Blair then?

Why, oh why, wait till Tony Blair is leaving the scene?

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