7 thoughts on “French workers fight on against Macron

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  3. 3 January 2020
    French transport workers’ strike continues

    French transport workers and other workers are maintaining their strike begun December 5, in defiance of the CFDT and UNSA unions’ call for a Christmas truce. They are opposing pension “reforms” put forward by Macron’s right-wing government.

    In Paris overnight transport on New Year’s Eve was hit—in previous years some Metro, tram and bus services ran all night to allow people celebrating the New Year to get home. This year it was restricted to buses and three out of eight of the city’s tram services.

    The restrictions continued New Year’s Day with a severely limited service being provided by RATP, which runs the public transport facilities in Paris and the surrounding area.

    CGT union members are planning a blockade of oil refineries across France from January 7 to 10, which would quickly lead to fuel shortages at French filling stations.

    Talks with the government are scheduled for January 7. The unions will likely attempt a climb down in the face of the government’s determination to impose the attacks on pensions.



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