3 thoughts on “French army shooting striking workers?

  1. Several musical ensembles including the Notre-Dame cathedral choir and the Opera of Paris are on strike, and the Lyon City Opera strike is getting wide attention on social media. Management tried to impose a concert on the singers on December 18 to punish them for striking the day before. The singers responded by announcing, as the curtain was lifted before a full house on December 18, that they were still on strike and would not sing any more on the 18th than they had on the 17th.

    “Since December 5, millions have marched across France to demand an end of the pension cuts. The movement is not weakening; on the contrary, this week it has found a second wind,” they said to applause and catcalls from the audience. Denouncing Macron’s attacks on culture workers, they said: “Our management, by postponing a concert that was supposed to take place yesterday, is trying to prevent us from contributing visibly to this movement. … Therefore, unfortunately, we workers have decided not to perform tonight.”

    Firefighters are also protesting amid mounting anger at police use of stun grenades to target firefighters who are peacefully demonstrating to defend their pensions. Even though the firefighters technically have the same paramilitary juridical status as the riot police, riot police have savagely attacked them. In October, a firefighter lost an eye to shrapnel from a stun grenade. Now, videos are circulating on social media of the December 17 march, showing police charging and assaulting peaceful firefighters and throwing stun grenades at them.



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