French pensions austerity czar resigns, fraud scandal

This 10 December 2019 video by ABC TV from the USA says about itself:

Massive protests paralyze Paris

Protesters take to the streets against French President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to overhaul the pension system.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today, by Frank Renout:

French pension reformer gone after hiding income and side jobs

In France, people have been on strike for twelve days against the Macron government pension reforms. The man who leads those reforms has now had to resign … because of his side jobs.

Jean-Paul Delevoye, High Commissioner for Pension Reform, had officially stated he has three side jobs or to have recently had them. But that turned out to be thirteen after revelations in the French press. …

Delevoye, eg, had a position with insurance companies. But insurers are also involved in pensions, for which Delevoye is therefore responsible in the government. There was a risk of conflict of interest.

His two paid jobs were also not undisputed. In both cases, Delevoye turned out to earn more than he had officially stated. The first part-time job turned out to be 78,000 euros a year: almost twice as much as the 40,000 euros he had initially stated.

There was another problem with the second side job, good for 62,000 euros a year. Delevoye continued to keep this paid job when he joined the government in September, which is prohibited by law.

The resignation is a damper for the Macron government. Since 2017, Delevoye has been in charge of negotiations with employers and employees about pension reforms for eighteen months on behalf of Macron. He joined the government in September to actually implement those reforms.

According to the plans, the French will soon have to work longer for a full pension. Some professional groups, such as train and metro staff, must also give up their rights. Early pensions … would disappear.

Mr Delevoye reminds me a bit of another ‘reformer’, VolkswagenVolkswagen fraudster fat cats get millions more boss Hartz in Germany. After his ‘Hartz IV‘ governmental attack on poor people, Mr Hartz had to resign in a sex scandal.

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