Stop neofascists in Britain

This video from Britain says about itself:

Tommy Robinson Hiding Nazis In The EDL

4 February 2012

The EDL regularly claim to kick nazis out at demos.

Here we see Tommy Robinson, “leader” of the EDL, telling a guy at the demo in Leicester to stop doing nazi salutes.

He obviously doesn’t mind nazis being there. He just doesn’t want them to be spotted.

‘Tommy Robinson‘ is NOT the real name of that racist. This former member of the neonazi BNP, sentenced for violent crime and later for fraud, is called Stephen Yaxley-Lennon … err … that sounds too Irish, as neonazis hate not only Muslims, Jews, Africans, etc. etc. but Irish people as well. So, he prefers calling himself the more Germanic “Tommy Robinson“.

By Steve Sweeney and Peter Lazenby in Britain:


Saturday 25th November 2017

Campaigners unite around Britain to stand up to fascists’ hatred

ANTI-RACISTS will mobilise across Britain today as they face off against far-right protests in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Milton Keynes.

Controversial former Ukip leadership candidate Anne-Marie Waters will be faced with a demonstration as she hosts a lavish £54-a-head dinner at an unnamed venue in Milton Keynes.

She quit the party after finishing runner-up to Henry Bolton. Far-right party For Britain, which is organising today’s event, described her defeat as “the victory of jihad over truth.”

Ms Waters is the director of Sharia Watch and is associated with far-right politicians. She has praised Dutch Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders and France’s Marine Le Pen.

She previously attempted to found a British wing of the anti-Islam Pegida movement with former EDL leader Tommy Robinson.

An ITV documentary exposed alleged far-right infiltration in support of Ms Waters’s bid for the Ukip leadership.

Milton Keynes’s Stand Up to Racism has organised a protest to show that “we are the majority and oppose racism and Islamophobia.”

However organisers of the right-wing dinner have refused to give details of the venue amid fears of an anti-racist backlash.

In Edinburgh there will be a protest against a provocative demonstration being staged in the city by racist groups the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) and Veterans Against Terrorism.

The Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC) has called for a maximum mobilisation against the racists in Edinburgh today.
More than 30 Scottish trade unions and branches, campaign groups, community organisations and others have backed the call.

Stand Up to Racism has revealed that veterans’ leader Richard Inman has stated that “the whole Muslim religion is anti-Christ”.

“It is also alarming news that his group is working with fascist Tommy Robinson in Inman’s ‘struggle against Islamisation’. This does not sit well with the group’s claim that it is ‘non-racist’.

“Robinson is an Islamophobe. The former leader of the deeply racist English Defence League was recently in Poland to join a fascist-led march in Warsaw on Polish Independence Day.”

SNP for Edinburgh Eastern [Member of the Scottish Parliament] Ash Denham said: “We need to stand up for equality in Scotland and put a stop to the FLA’s division and extremism. Racism and Islamophobia are not welcome in Scotland, and that includes our football clubs, which have made clear that anyone who wants to play football is welcome regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.”

Educational Institute of Scotland’s John Kelly said: “This insidious organisation is a dangerous operation. Under the guise of a football alliance of sorts it seems to me to be more of a front for attitudes and bigotries which have no place in a civilised society. We need to shine a light on the resurgence of the right across the world today at every level.”

Assembly points

Milton Keynes: 11am, MK Shopping Centre.

Edinburgh: 10am St Andrews Square.

Glasgow: 10.30am Glasgow Green.

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