English EDL nazis, armed and dangerous

This 12 July 2013 video says about itself:

‘Terrorist’ blast near mosque in UK on day of Woolwich victim’s funeral

In the UK town of Tipton a nail bomb is reported to have exploded near a local mosque – the fourth such attack in a month. The device went off shortly before Friday prayers, although no one was injured.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

EDL member poses with gun on Facebook page

Saturday 8th August 2015

A MEMBER of the far-right English Defence League posted a picture on Facebook this week showing himself in full paramilitary garb and brandishing what appears to be an assault rifle.

Well-known Oxfordshire EDL member Christopher Bishop apparently posed for the picture at his home before placing the image, along with a number of others, on the social media website.

The picture shows Mr Bishop wearing full camouflage with his face covered by a ski mask in front of a sign saying: “This is a respectable house.”

He posted it on his Facebook page under his own name, where it quickly became the subject of derision.

Duncan Cahill of anti-racist group Hope Not Hate said that Mr Bishop was well known to his organisation

46 thoughts on “English EDL nazis, armed and dangerous

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  8. I’ve known Christopher T Bishop in that story for years who’s dressed in the military outfit. He got his first wife pregnant when she was at school and he was about 20. Then he got another woman pregnant and ran off to the USA to be with a woman he met on the internet. Then after he had a child with her and she put in a domestic abuse complaint he went back to Britain.
    He has tattoos with the names of about three different women on him.
    He claims he has had a flag pole for years but it’s nonsense because he was in the USA for years. Newspaper says the houses belong to a housing association so not his house.
    The flagpole story is nonsense. He claims he’s an ex-serviceman, but he was only ever in the TA and not sure how long he was in that, because he has epilepsy. He has long documented mental health issues. When he was working at Abingdon School in the kitchens, he chained himself to a cooker and threatened to kill himself.


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  10. Monday 28th
    posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

    SEVEN people were arrested at the weekend when thugs from the English Defence League (EDL) descended on Rotherham.

    The demonstration was the 12th far-right protest targeting the South Yorkshire town in the last two years.

    But with only about 70 EDL protesters taking part, Saturday’s demonstration was a far cry from 2014 when 1,000 rightwingers turned up in Rotherham attempting to divide the community over child-grooming and sexual-exploitation issues.

    The EDL were heavily outnumbered by 400 police drafted in from 15 forces. The demonstration brought the cost of policing far-right demonstrations in Rotherham in the last two years to £4 million from public funds.

    A review of the cost of policing far-right demonstrations in Rotherham said: “The protests of recent years have levied a considerable cost — on traders, on relations in the wider community of Rotherham, and on the police,” and local traders have complained about the loss of business due to the repeated far-right targeting of the town.

    A counterdemonstration by Unite Against Fascism brought supporters from Rotherham, Chesterfield and Sheffield together. They were contained by police using metal barriers.

    The fascists first got tanked up in a local pub, the Bridge Inn, before staging their rally. Racist abuse was shouted at two Asian men who walked past.

    The arrests of EDL supporters were made as the fascists arrived at Rotherham railway station to leave the town and scuffles broke out.

    A spokesman for Unite Against Fascism said: “The EDL come to Rotherham to try and spread hatred, division, racism and Islamophobia.”

    Hundreds of anti-fascist protesters also dwarfed the fascist National Front’s “white pride” rally in Swansea on Saturday.



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