Homophobia, racism in Dutch army

This video from the USA says about itself:

Invisible Wounds: Life after military sexual assault and PTSD | Veterans Coming Home

15 June 2016

Stacey Thompson was proud to be a woman in the Marines. But after she reported being sexually assaulted by her sergeant she was given an “other than honorable” discharge that left her without military benefits. Struggling with PTSD, Stacey waged a decade-long battle to regain her health and military honors. The military eventually acknowledged its mistake and upgraded her discharge. Mosaic art and writing help Stacey work through her PTSD and share her experience with civilians.

De Telegraaf is a right-wing Dutch daily. Usually, they are pro-militarist.

Eg, on today’s front page they are happy that the new right-wing Dutch government plans to spend even more on wars … sorry, I should use the euphemism ‘defence’ … than they already intended. Obedience to the United States Trump administration and NATO.

However, on page 3 of that same Telegraaf of today is an article which makes one doubt whether so much should be spent on wars and armed forces fighting them.

It says (translated):

Homosexual Royal Military Academy cadet victim of sexist harassment

By Olof van Joolen

Updated Today, 12:15

After the abuse and harassment affair at the Airmobile Brigade, another army unit is again discredited because of misconduct during hazing. At the Royal Military Academy where the future defense culture is determined, a homosexual cadet sounds the alarm.

In the interview that cadet tells that during hazing at that school for army officers in Breda, he was humiliated much more harshly than white heterosexual colleagues, as he was gay and looked Asian. Eg, he was forced to wear a ‘funny’ ‘Chinese’ hat. Then, he was ordered to speak Chinese. ‘I do not speak that language’. ‘Of course you do! Ching chong Chinaman! Ching chong Chinaman!’

Breda daily De Stem writes today (translated):

He had to walk with a pillow under his shirt like he had female breasts, was forced to simulate in the Great Hall that he had an orgasm and had to wear a pink beret.

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