First woman US Marine officer dies in Iraq

The late Major Megan McClungFrom NDTV in the USA:

First woman Marine officer dies in Iraq

Wednesday, December 13, 2006 (San Diego):

A spokeswoman for the US Marine Corps has died in Iraq, becoming the first female Marine officer to be killed in the conflict.

Maj. Megan M McClung, of Coupeville, Washington, died Dec 6 in the restive Anbar province, the US Department of Defence said in a news release.

McClung, 34, was a public affairs officer assigned to the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters at Camp Pendleton.

McClung joined the Marine Corps in May 1995 after graduating from the Naval Academy.

A call to her family home in Coupeville was unanswered.

This film is about Bush’s Mission Accomplished speech.

The exact circumstances surrounding McClung’s death were not immediately released, but Camp Pendleton spokesman Navy Lt. Cmdr Cliff Carnes said she was escorting media when she was killed. …

Carnes said McClung was in the final month of a year-long deployment in Iraq.
Bush and Iraq war, cartoon by Steve Bell
Three other female Marines have been killed in Iraq, according to the Defence Department’s most recent numbers.

Lance Cpl. Juana Navarro Arellano died in April after being shot in Anbar province.

Lance Cpl. Holly A Charette and Cpl. Ramona Valdez died in June last year when a suicide bomber attacked their convoy.

In all US military branches, 60 women have been killed in Iraq.

Fifty-two of these women were in the Army.

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More Marine deaths in Iraq: here.

Rape of Cassandra Hernandez by fellow US soldiers: here.

5 thoughts on “First woman US Marine officer dies in Iraq

  1. Friend Kitty, This is off the subject, but have you posted links to Mark Vallen’s Art For A Change site and weblog. Mark is definitely on the side of the angels, an original LA punk who has matured into a fine artist and intellectual. I came across his work recently, and then realized that I knew his earlier work from the punk days. Later, something made me think that you had posted a link to him a long time ago.
    On the subject, my dad is a Marine.(Once a Marine, always a Marine) He was with the First Marines at Guadalcanal. He was always politically conservative, but little bush’s war has changed him when Nixon’s crimes wouldn’t. He is deeply pained to hear about young Marines losing their lives in this war. Though I was a radical, a rock and roller a punk etc. I was also raised on the Marine Corp tradition and have a certain respect for The Corps that is a little hard to explain. Marines go where they’re sent and follow their orders without question but little leaks from rank and file Marines would seem to indicate that they are the most cynical branch of the US Military as concerns little bush and his imperialist adventure in Iraq. Let’s not forget that Smedley Butler was a Marine.


  2. Hi Jon, thanks for your comment! Yes, I did post links to Art for a Change (on Botero etc.) and will continue to do so. It is a good interesting blog, though not updated very frequently, probably because most entries are longish.

    As for links: I have few links at the right column of this blog, as I still have not figured out in Blogsome how to put those links in visible categories.

    And thanks for your comments on the Marines; I know about Smedley Butler.


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