42 thoughts on “Female military veterans, after rape, homelessness

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    This is shameful for any woman anywhere, but especially in The United States Of America. This nation is far from a great nation, a nation shall be judged by how it treats it’s women, children and elderly.


  2. Lack of economic opportunities (by design) and fetishizing of soldiers (also by design) are the only two reasons I can think of that someone would willingly want to serve.


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  4. Military justice under fire over assault case

    US: Locals protest outside Davis-Monthan airforce Base in Tucson, Arizona on Thursday.

    The protesters rallied to denounce the decision to transfer Lieutenant Colonel James Wilkerson after his sexual assault conviction was overturned by a commander, adding to the growing criticism of the military justice system.

    Family members of the woman who alleged the assault were shocked when the transfer order placed Mr Wilkerson on the same base as them.



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    • Thanks for your reblog, Barbara!

      Probably, this war on women, apparent, eg, in ultra-religious Republican party politicians, worsened also because of wars abroad in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. started by the Bush administration. At least some of the male soldiers who have sexually assaulted female colleagues in Iraq etc. would not have done so in civilian life; or in barracks in the USA etc., while never having been deployed to a war zone.


  8. I can’t stand it anymore. We never seem to move forward…seriously, years and years of constant work and nothing ever changes. There is something wrong with our species, really wrong. Women are hated everywhere on the planet and I’m just sick and tired of all of us being prey! We need an army of females to protect girls and women who can’t fight. We need to be well armed and trained. We need to be everywhere and we need to not take prisoners.


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