Cover-up of US women soldiers’ deaths in Iraq

This video is called US trained Ethiopian soldiers rape poor Somali women.

It says about itself:

Sister Hodan, a human rights activist presents the deadly consequences of the Ethiopian invasion in Somalia. The illegal Ethiopian invasion and occupation of Somalia caused rape, massacre, indiscriminate shelling of civilian neighborhoods, mass displacement of half million people. It is another Darfur.

By Marjorie Cohn at Feminist Law Professors blog in the USA:

Cover-up of Women Soldiers’ Deaths

On March 8, 2007, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! broadcast the testimony of former Abu Ghraib commander Col. Janis Karpinski as she responded to my questioning at a January 2006 war crimes commission in New York. Karpinski said American women soldiers in Iraq who had to go outside to use the latrine at night were raped by male soldiers. They stopped drinking water after 4:00 in the afternoon to avoid having to urinate. But in the 120-degree heat, some died of dehydration. Then, Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez ordered that dehydration not be listed as the cause of death. See my article, “Military Hides Cause of Women Soldiers’ Deaths,” … for more details on this shocking cover-up.

Rep. Harman: Military Woman “More Likely to Be Raped by a Fellow Soldier Than Killed by Enemy Fire”: here.

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