10 thoughts on “South Koreans against military environmental destruction

  1. Korean bank workers end strike without resolution

    After five weeks on strike, Standard Chartered (SC) First Bank-Korea employees have been ordered back to work by their union without a resolution to the dispute. The 2,800 bank employees walked off the job on June 22 in protest against company attempts to impose performance pay. The bank was forced to close 40 of its 400 branches during the strike.

    The SC bank union has directed members to stage “slowdowns” when they return to work on Monday and hold rallies every Friday until their requests are accepted. The union has refused to join a combined union-management task force to examine a modified wage proposal.

    SC First Bank, which has 6,500 employees, is the first lender in South Korea to attempt to replace the traditional seniority-based pay system with performance pay. In failed negotiations mediated by the government last week, bank management declared that it would not back away from its regressive pay system.



  2. Troubled banker jumps to death

    SOUTH KOREA: A banker is believed to have killed himself by leaping from the top of his bank’s building, Seoul police said today.

    Chung Goo Haeng’s body was found in front of the Jeil Il savings bank, according to an officer from Hyehwa police station who said Mr Chung had apparently jumped but that an investigation was ongoing.

    The bank’s operations were suspended for alleged irregularities earlier this week and was raided by prosecutors on Thursday.



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  4. Koreas blighted by prolonged drought

    KOREAN PENISULAR: North and South Korea are experiencing the worst droughts since records began 105 years ago, officials said today.

    North Korea has sent troops to pour buckets of water on parched fields, where there are serious concerns over the country’s ability to feed its people.

    And in South Korea two months without rain has led resevoirs to dry up and led to hundreds of deaths of the highly endangered cockscomb pearl mussels.



  5. US gives green light to long-range bombs

    South Korea: The US agreed today to rewrite a 2001 deal to allow Seoul to deploy longer-range missiles that could reach “all of North Korea.”

    Currently the south is limited to weapons with a 186-mile range, but that will increase to 500 miles.

    Seoul says the change is a response to Pyongyang’s “provocations” but it is feared it will make things worse. China, Japan and Russia are also expected to object as the missiles can reach them too.



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