Fight Trump’s militarism and veterans’ homelessness

This November 2017 video from the USA says about itself:

Shelter: America’s Homeless Veterans – Featured Documentary

Roger Schultz served as a cannoneer sergeant in the US Marine Corps. …

Eventually he quit the army to be back with his family, but his wife left him the following year and his life spiralled out of control. Schultz ended up living out of his truck, barely getting by.

In search of a place to stay, he finally checked into a Veterans Resource Center (VRC) in California, which provides housing and group therapy for former members of the military.

Scarred by war, many returning soldiers struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Their inability to adjust from combat life to civilian life often leads to substance abuse and addiction, thus, finding support for healing and recovery is a constant challenge.

The VRC and its counselors help returning veterans find jobs and sort out supplemental government income, healthcare needs and their housing situation.

From the United States military veterans organisation VoteVets today:

As you know, one of the ways we tried to stop Trump’s military parade was by applying for permits with the DC government to host a 5K

A 5K is a road running competition over a distance of five kilometres.

on Veterans Day — one K for each of Trump’s draft deferments during the Vietnam War.

It was a good effort, but we were denied. But now that Trump canceled his parade, we are re-applying to host the event. And the good news is this:

On September 24, we are presenting our plan to the DC government for the inaugural VoteVets’ 5K to Fight Veterans’ Homelessness on Veterans Day of THIS YEAR.

And what the DC government will want to know is this: can we pull it off? The answer to that is yes. And is there interest and will people participate? That’s where you come into play.

Sign our petition to the D.C. government saying that you support the VoteVets’ 5K to Fight Veterans’ Homelessness on Veterans Day. And while you’re there, please let us know if you’d be interested in participating.

No matter where you live, we want to know if you’ll participate. We’ll fly a few folks out for the big day.

But here’s the most important reason we want to do this: We’re going to donate the profits directly to good causes fighting veterans’ homelessness. And by planting a flag for this event, we make it more likely we can stop Trump’s parade next year.

Thanks for adding your name,

Will Fischer
Iraq War Veteran and Director of Government Relations

United States: Veterans’ Administration’s Mental Health Care Crisis Draws Private Firms Pitching Dubious PTSD Treatments: here.

SANDERS: TRUMP WORKING FOR RICH Bernie Sanders used a Labor Day speech to blast Trump for working “night and dayon behalf of his fellow billionaires.” [HuffPost]

13 thoughts on “Fight Trump’s militarism and veterans’ homelessness

  1. I started VoteVets shortly after returning from Iraq because it was clear we needed progressive veterans in office who understood the cost of war on service members and their families — and that the cost continued long after we came home.

    And if you would have told me 12 years ago that VoteVets would be playing a leading role in electing so many great progressive veterans, especially at a time our nation desperately needs a Congress to serve as a check against an authoritarian president, I would have been proud to hear it.


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