Texas, USA cop-killing war veteran had PTSD

Micah Xavier Johnson

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Veteran who shot dead five policemen in Dallas had PTSD

Today, 08:24

The former soldier who last month shot dead five policemen in Dallas had symptoms suggestive of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but was not helped. This is evident from documents that the Veterans Administration has released.

After Micah Johnson in 2014 had returned from Afghanistan, he sought help for panic attacks, depression and hallucinations. Doctors then concluded that he was no danger to himself or others.

Johnson in the army was a specialist in the field of carpentry and masonry. He told doctors that he saw during the war how his fellow soldiers were torn apart by bombs. Since then, he had nightmares. He heard voices and explosions in his head.

“I was trying to block the images in my head, but it’s hard to forget something like that,” Johnson is quoted in the documents of the health care service for veterans. Doctors sent the former soldier back home and told him to have medication, but he got no further help.

On July 7, Micah Johnson shot five police officers dead during a demonstration in Dallas against racist police brutality. Police killed Johnson with a bomb robot.

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