US war veterans suffering from PTSD

By Kate Randall:

Returning US veterans’ lives shattered: the growing toll of PTSD

15 July 2008

Increasing numbers of US veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Haunted by the brutality of their experiences in combat and the horrors inflicted on the civilian population—often with their own participation—they return home only to receive woefully inadequate treatment for their condition, go undiagnosed or face an intolerant military culture in which a stigma against PTSD and other mental disorders still persists.

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    ”He didn’t want to go — he was afraid, but he had a job that he’d signed up to do and he went and did it,” Shane said. ”I do think it led up to everything that happened. … It opened up a world of death and chaos and uncertainty”. . . . ”The tactics learned as part of military training are often used by those who commit domestic violence.”


  2. Lightening storms may have kept national AFL-CIO President John Sweeney’s plane from landing here in time for the Connecticut AFL-CIO convention June 23, but nothing could stop the delegates’ determination to prepare for their strongest mobilization ever in the 2008 elections. . . . The convention unanimously adopted a resolution reaffirming opposition to the war by national and state labor bodies, and asserting that Obama “shares labor’s opposition — while John McCain supports the war and President Bush’s military policy.”


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