Rain on Trump’s military parade

This video from the USA says about itself:

🇺🇸 Trump’s military parade idea ‘fantastic waste of money’

8 February 2018

US politicians are pushing back against President Donald Trump’s request for a military parade in Washington, DC.

It is an unusual request in the US, and critics say there are far better ways to spend the money.

Al Jazeera’s Kimberly Halkett reports from Washington, DC.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Tanks rolling through the city, marching soldiers and warplanes overhead. United States President Trump has to wait a little longer. This November, on Veterans Day, a military parade would take place in Washington, but now it will not be sooner than next year, according to the Pentagon.

It has not been announced what the reason for the postponement is, but according to a source at the ministry it has to do with the costs. They were estimated by the White House at a maximum of 30 million dollars earlier this year, but according to the source, the estimate would now be more than 90 million dollars.

TRUMP’S TANK PARADE GETS CANNED Trump’s North Korea-style military parade has been postponed until 2019, according to the Pentagon. The president’s celebration of American military might was slated for Nov. 10 — Veteran’s Day weekend. The postponement comes amid reports that the cost of the parade was running over budget by $80 million. [HuffPost]

Following Trump’s decision Wednesday to revoke John Brennan’s security clearance, the former CIA chief has emerged as the chief spokesman of the anti-Trump faction of the ruling class. It is an altogether fitting position. Brennan embodies the criminality and authoritarian disposition of the military-intelligence apparatus, which is the driving force behind the opposition within the state to the Trump administration. While Trump is seeking to develop a framework for authoritarian rule—including the cultivation of far-right and fascistic forces based on anti-immigrant chauvinism—there is not an ounce of democratic content in the campaign of his critics within the state and political establishment. In the name of opposing Trump—and the supposed Russian plot that sustains him—they are developing their own arguments for dictatorship: here.

8 thoughts on “Rain on Trump’s military parade

  1. US PRESIDENT Donald Trump has cancelled plans for a military parade following estimates that it would cost $92 million (£72m).

    Criticism was growing over the planned showcase for US military might, which Mr Trump wanted to hold after attending a Bastille Day parade in France.

    A parade might be on the cards in 2019 if the cost comes “way down,” the president tweeted, blaming “local politicians” for “price-gouging.” In the meantime, he said he would go back to France instead to watch planned commemorations for the centenary of the end of World War I in November.

    His decision appears to confirm the high cost, which Defence Secretary James Mattis had dismissed a day earlier with the retort that whoever leaked it “was probably smoking something that is legal in my state but not in most” (cannabis, legal in Washington state).

    Democrats had attacked Mr Trump for splashing money on a parade while cutting back on provocative war games on the North Korean border, which they said were cheaper.



  2. Last week we heard the news and this morning Donald Trump made it official on his Twitter feed: The Military Parade is canceled.

    But Trump did say this in his tweet: “Maybe we will do something next year in D.C. when the cost comes WAY DOWN.”

    Well, here is the thing, last night, VoteVets submitted a Letter of Intent with the D.C. Government to do a 5K around the National Mall for Veterans Day 2019. One K for each of his deferments. And we’ll do it to raise money for a good cause like eradicating veterans’ homelessness.

    Add your name to encourage D.C. to support our request:

    Sign our petition: tell the D.C. city government that you are eager to work with them and support a VoteVets 5K next Veterans’ Day. Together, we can stop the next parade while doing some good for a good cause.

    We stopped this parade. Together. Veterans and military family members made this ego-driven abomination such a headache that even Trump couldn’t bear it.

    And we’ll do it again next year, as well.

    All my best,

    Jon Soltz
    Iraq War Veteran and Chairman


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  5. VoteVets

    Remember when we told you that one of the ways we tried to block Trump’s military parade was by applying for permits to host a 5K race on the parade route to raise money to fight veterans’ homelessness?

    Well, yesterday we got the permits. The VoteVets’ Veterans Day 5K (one for each of Trump’s deferments) is APPROVED. Yes!

    We’re going to show Trump the real meaning of Veterans Day by raising money to fight veterans’ homelessness, and we’re going to do it by running all over his parade route five days after we kick his tail at the polls on Election Day.

    So here’s where you come in. We’re looking for a massive turnout here. Something Trump will be able to hear from the White House. So today we’re asking you to sponsor all or part of the cost for one veteran to participate in this race. What do you say?

    Make a donation to VoteVets today, and we’ll use that money to help sponsor a veteran to participate in our VoteVets’ Veterans Day 5K, which is happening right on Trump’s military parade route.

    One last thing today: By getting the permits this year, it puts us in a much better position to get ‘em again next year if Trump tries to hold his stupid parade again. We’ll have a better chance if our race is a success.

    All my best,

    Jon Soltz
    Iraq War Veteran and Chairman


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