22 thoughts on “Feeding homeless people, a crime in Los Angeles?

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  7. As you might know this subject comes very very close to me. Being a former homeless myself AND havig worked in a food project for the homeless and poor for many many years I have seen first hand how reactions are when projects to help the homeless come into a neighbourhood. There is even a name for this effect called the NIMBY effect where NIMBY stands for Not In My BackYard and it comes quit litteral from “Sure I want to help the homeless and poor but NOT IN MY BACKYARD” (sorry for shouting, this still agrevates the heck out of me)

    There is an old saying which has many variations but comes down to “You can judge a society on how it treats it’s weakest members” and based on that L.A is a crying shame. thank you dear dear kitty for blogging on this subject, you have my eternal gratitude 🙂


    • Thanks for your kind words! I think there is also a tendency among politicians like in L.A. to listen to strident anti-homeless voices while ignoring less strident pro-homeless voices.


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