Dutch Army racism and sexual abuse

This video says about itself:

An American race-hate watchdog claims there’s growing neo-Nazi activity within the country’s armed forces.

Translated from Dutch news agency Novum:

“Cadets are victims of misbehaviour”

Published: August 14, 2010 8:16

AMSTERDAM – Dutch students and instructors at the Armed Forces Academy are guilty of racism, rape and misogyny.

De Telegraaf writes that

Before any conservative reader of this blog starts to moan about “liberal media”, “peacenicks”, “communists”, “Muslims” or whatever: De Telegraaf is the most Right wing daily in the Netherlands, with a tradition of support for militarism and wars.

this Saturday, based on records of military trade union Acom,

Before any Right winger starts to moan about “Marxist trade unions” blah blah blah blah: the “c” in the Acom acronym stands for “Christian”. Acom indeed is part of the Dutch Christian trade union federation, traditionally more conservative than the “red” unions.

which let the newspaper read them.

Seven people in the military academy (formerly known as KMA) recently had to deal with this.

“Physical violence and sexual harassment are unacceptable in a Ministry of Defence school,” Acom chair Jan Kleian told the newspaper.

Tip of the iceberg

Former teachers at the academy say that this is just the tip of the iceberg, because the practices also happen among cadets who are not members of the union.

A cadet of Turkish-Dutch origin had to hear how his fellow students shouted: “What are rowing Moroccans? They are Moroccans who have not been exterminated yet.”

A “humourous” racist wordplay as the Dutch words for rowing (“roeien”) and exterminating (“uitroeien”) are similar.

Another one was assaulted sexually by cadets. The academy administration, according to the newspaper, have never done anything to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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