Stop Dutch corporate media anti-refugee witchhunt, petition

This 25 October 2015 music video is about Syrian singer Shaza Hayek. Ms Hayek arrived as a refugee in Nijmegen in the Netherlands in early 2015.

In the video, she sings the Dutch song ‘Mag ik dan bij jou’ by Claudia de Breij.

The song is about war. It moved Shaza Hayek, as she fled war in Syria.

From Avaaz:

Dear friends,

The biggest morning daily paper in [the Netherlands], De Telegraaf, called asylum seekers “invasion”, “scum”, and “plague”, the same terms used by the Nazis! With elections just weeks away, we have to stop this!

The logos and names of advertisers, like KLM, appear right next to these dehumanizing headlines. With a massive outcry we could pressure KLM and others to pull their ads from De Telegraaf until the paper apologizes publicly.

Sign now and share with everyone you know. Once 50,000 people have signed we’ll deliver to the CEOs of those major companies and ask them to join us in rejecting the paper’s dangerous, divisive discourse.

Click here to sign this petition

Migration will be an important theme in the current election campaigns, and journalists and citizens have every right to speak out. But there are limits – as set out in our law against hate speech. And the US elections have shown us how irresponsible media reporting can lead to serious results.

De Telegraaf has a nasty history of spreading dangerous and dehumanizing messages about a group of our fellow human beings, it did the same to the Jews before the Second World War

And also during the Second World War, as the German nazi occupiers deported Jews and Roma to the death camps.

. Let’s nip it in the bud this time, and ensure we can have a reasonable debate about immigration.

This tactic has worked before, but it needs big numbers — sign the petition calling on KLM and other key advertisers to weigh in with De Telegraaf, then send it to your friends and family.

Our community has long fought together to stop hate and racism and to promote a world where peoples’ similarities count for more than our differences. And our country has a history of openness and tolerance, we have provided a safe haven for those who were prosecuted elsewhere, we were the first nation to legalize gay marriage. Let’s unite again and protect our tolerant Dutch identity.

With determination,

Caroline, Anneke, Alex, Mike, and the whole Avaaz team.

More information:

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