Dutch nazi threatens to shoot refugees

Nazi Michael L with gun

Translated from Dutch daily De Telegraaf today:

Neo-Nazi from Hoorn threatens to attack refugees

Neo-Nazi Michael L. threatens attacks on refugees. On his Twitter page Waffen SS 88 he posted recently a picture of himself with an automatic firearm. The accompanying text reads: “The preparations are in full swing, going in the right direction, happy.”

This reports Crime Site. According to them, L. is currently active in the neo-Nazi movement Blood and Honour. Previously, he had been active in CP’86, an extreme-right party that was banned in 1998 because of criminal activities.

Yesterday L. complained on Twitter about the influx of refugees, finishing with the relevant photo with firearm. On his Twitter page are also racist remarks and NSB symbols.

The NSB was the Dutch nazi party in the 1930s and 1940s.

Meanwhile, Michael L. has been arrested.

THE KEY TO PREVENTING CHILD MARRIAGES “Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai on Tuesday called on world leaders to provide education to girls in refugee camps to avoid them being forced into early marriage or child labor.” [HuffPost]

29 thoughts on “Dutch nazi threatens to shoot refugees

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  3. Friday 23rd September 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    by Lamiat Sabin

    EUROPEANS are showing an anti-Muslim bias over which refugees they would “accept,” academics revealed yesterday.

    Asylum-seekers with high employability or severe vulnerabilities are favoured — researchers from the London School of Economics, Stanford University and University of Zurich found.

    Around 18,000 Europeans in 15 countries, including Britain, assessed 180,000 hypothetical asylum-seekers with varied attributes such as gender, age, skills, religion and country of origin.

    Preferences appeared to be structured by three main factors — economic concerns, humanitarian concerns and an anti-Muslim bias, the report in journal Science said.

    Muslim asylum-seekers were found to be 11 per cent less likely to be accepted compared to Christians who were similar in background and history.

    Christians were only slightly preferred to agnostics, which the report said suggests that the “penalty” mostly reflects a strong anti-Muslim, rather than pro-Christian, bias.

    The bias exists among left and right-wing voters, but it was twice as large in the latter group.

    The findings “point to a mounting challenge for policy-makers, given that most asylum-seekers currently originate from Muslim-majority countries and may lack the desired professional and language skills,” said LSE government department associate professor Dr Dominik Hangartner.

    “Policy-makers whose goal is to alleviate the social tensions of the current crisis and generate more public acceptance of asylum-seekers should highlight refugees’ deservingness and vulnerability as well as their economic contributions to their host societies.”

    People who apply for asylum because of fear of political, religious or ethnic persecution were about 15 per cent more likely to be accepted compared to economic migrants, according to the report.


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