Anti-women crimes in US, Dutch armed forces

This 2012 video from the USA is called Abuse of Women in the US Military / Army / Navy – PFC LaVena Johnson – The Silent Truth.

Another video from the USA used to say about itself::

Treatment of Women in the U.S. Military – Part 2 – Video PSA

Permission to publish from josh at; Producer: snowshoefilms; Production Company: snowshoefilms. Year: 2002. DOROTHY MACKEY: SURVIVORS TAKE ACTION AGAINST ABUSE BY U.S. MILITARY PERSONNEL (STAAAMP) A former U.S. Air Force captain, Dorothy Mackey explains that rape is integral to the military. She explains the military’s systematic training to abuse and accept abuse, the programmatic decreasing of self-awareness that constitutes perhaps the most important part of basic training in which malleable youths are indoctrinated to think of themselves as expendable. They’re also taught, she reveals (or reminds us) to have contempt for civilians, those people who fail to understand the sacrifices being made on their behalf.

Mackey also touches on the CIA’s Paperclip Project which secreted some 1,600 World War II Nazi scientists and eugenicists into key positions in the military, universities and weapons development (nuclear, chemical biological, mind control). This interview was conducted at the Nov. 2002 SOA Watch ( protest at Ft. Benning, GA.

USA: Specialized Care for Female Vets May Reduce Their Access: here.

Translated from Dutch news agency ANP, 16 August 2010:

New complaints about wrongdoing at military academy

The military trade union ACOM has received four new complaints of misconduct at the Royal Military Academy (KMA) in Breda. Brabant Broadcasting Corporation reports this.

The complaints come from women who, after harassment and intimidation, left the academy. Before that, ACOM received seven complaints about violence, sexual harassment and discrimination.

The Department of Defense has announced that Minister Van Middelkoop takes the matter seriously. He will react later this week after he will have studied the facts.

From Feminist Daily News in the USA:

August 24, 2010

Cesar Laurean, Ex-Marine, Convicted of Murder

A jury found ex-marine Cesar Laurean guilty of first degree murder yesterday in the 2007 death of his colleague, Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach, who was eight months pregnant at the time. He was sentenced to life in prison. Lauterbach’s body was found buried in Laurean’s backyard.

Prior to her death, Lauterbach had reported that Laurean, her senior officer at Camp Lejune in North Carolina, raped her. Lauterbach later recanted the rape accusations, but a hearing regarding the alleged incident was scheduled just a few weeks prior to her disappearance, according to CNN. District Attorney Dewey Hudson argued that Laurean was motivated to kill Lauterbach because, “He was a married man. He was her boss. [And] he had sex with her,” according to the Associated Press.

The jury deliberated for just three hours before reaching a verdict. They also found him guilty of both fraud and theft because he took Lauterbach’s ATM card and tried to use it to procure cash. Juror Brenda Peters told the Associated Press, “everything pointed to the fact that he is the one who did this crime. We went back over every speck of evidence that there was, piece by piece. That’s how we reached our verdict.”

Media Resources: CNN 8/24/10; Associated Press 8/23/10

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