Eminem rap video against Trump’s warmongering, racism

This rap music video from the USA says about itself:

Eminem Rips Donald Trump In BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher

10 October 2017

Eminem is back! And he’s in classic bar-for-bar form blasting at Donald Trump from his Detroit home. The cyphers went crazy too. Peep.

In the song, Eminem states about Trump:

What we’ve got in office now‘s a kamikaze that’ll probably cause a nuclear holocaust.

The song also opposes Trump’s plans for a wall along the Mexican border, his anti-immigrant policies, his corruption and his whitewashing of white supremacists, his reactions to the Puerto Rico hurricane disaster and his war on American football.

The complete lyrics are here.

A review is here.

Donald Trump threatens to shut down NBC and other TV news networks that criticise him … Mr Trump’s tweet came in response to a story written by NBC, which said that Mr Trump had sought to increase America’s nuclear arsenal tenfold: here.

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