Donald Trump’s pro-Sudanese dictatorship, anti-Venezuela measures

This video from the USA says about itself:

Why Trump Threatened Venezuela with Military Action: Oil

26 August 2017

Trump recently threatened to take “military action” in Venezuela for humanitarian reasons seeing that “its people are suffering.” However, since he’s driven by minerals in Afghanistan—and has previously stated his intent to “take the oil” from Iraq—his true intentions are pretty apparent here: he wants to take Venezuela’s oil. Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world, with more than 298 billion barrels, and Trump likely wants a piece of that pie. This comes after his administration has threatened Iran and North Korea with military action as well.

Dutch NOS TV reports today about changes in Donald Trump’s policies against people traveling to the USA.

There used to be six, mostly Islamic, countries on Trump’s travel ban list. Now, Trump has removed Sudan from that list.

Some years ago some people used to make propaganda for a ‘humanitarian’ war on Sudan by the USA and other NATO countries. It would have been a ‘humanitarian’ war with bloody anti-humanitarian consequences; as such ‘humanitarian’ wars usually have.

However, in 2011, the propaganda for invading Sudan to impose ‘regime change’ stopped. Not because Bashir of Sudan had become any less of a bloody dictator. But because Bashir’s relationship to NATO governments improved.

Bashir had become an ally of the ‘free West’ in another ‘regime change’ war: the NATO war on Libya.

Trump’s Islamophobia is basically against not rich and not powerful Muslims; not against rich dictators, even if they are Muslim like in Saudi Arabia or Sudan.

Trump has now not only removed Sudan from the travel ban list. He has added countries as well. He added non-Islamic North Korea which he has threatened with nuclear war. And he has added non-Islamic Venezuela which he has threatened with war as well; a war about grabbing the oil riches of Venezuela for the ExxonMobil corporation of Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Venezuela: Maduro defiant after US threatens to embargo country’s oil: here.

US Secretary of State Tillerson threatens oil sanctions against Venezuela: here.

Shades of Chile 1973 as US moves against Venezuela. The Trump administration returns the US to its infamous and bankrupt policy of treating Latin America as if it were its ‘own backyard,’ endangering peace and stability in the region. TIM YOUNG reports.

Bolivian President Evo Morales Warns of Plan ‘to Invade Venezuela’ by US, OAS: here.

24 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s pro-Sudanese dictatorship, anti-Venezuela measures

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  6. Friday 10th November 2017

    posted by James Tweedie in World

    US TROOPS are involved in regional exercises on Venezuela’s southern border this week.

    Washington’s Voice of America (VoA) propaganda broadcaster reported on Wednesday that 50 US military personnel were taking part in the Amazon Log manoeuvres.

    Almost 2,000 soldiers, including 1,550 Brazilians, 150 from Colombia and 120 from Peru, are conducting the exercises in Brazil’s vast northern Amazonas state, which borders the southern Venezuelan state of the same name.

    Military observers from 19 countries, including Venezuela, Britain, France, Canada and Japan, are also present.

    The drills, which began on Monday, are ostensibly preparation to defend the region from drug traffickers, environmental destruction and illegal immigration — or to respond to a mass exodus of refugees.

    VoA reported that the operation is focused on Venezuela, from where Brazilian federal police claimed more than 30,000 people have fled.

    Four months of deadly regime-change riots incited by Venezuela’s US-backed opposition claimed 124 lives this spring and summer.

    But calm has since returned and the third round of elections this year are set for next month.

    Brazil’s unelected and corruption-mired President Michel Temer, whose approval ratings stand at about 3 per cent, has ratified military co-operation deals with the US that were blocked under his ousted predecessor Dilma Rousseff.

    The exercises caused controversy in Brazil’s Congress.

    Venezuela’s regional ally Bolivia refused to take part in the manoeuvres out of concern that they would lead to the establishment of a permanent US military base in the area.

    Venezuelan pundit Jeanpier Anaya told the public VTV channel on Wednesday that the exercises were being held in the region because its conditions were similar to those in southern Venezuela “where they want to work to establish a humanitarian channel.”

    “This plan is intended to control the Amazon in defence of the interests of big capital over the territory and its resources,” Mr Anaya said, “in view of this zone being where an invasion can be prepared logistically.”

    “That’s why it’s important for the North Americans,” he stressed. “And to justify the troop movements, they use the argument of humanitarian aid, a discourse also employed by sectors of the Venezuelan opposition.”


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