Sudan dictatorship fires on mourners

This video is about Sudan. Where dozens are reported dead after the dictatorship attacked fuel price protests.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Sudanese Troops Fire On Mourners At Funeral Of Shot Protester

Sunday 29th September 2013

Fresh bloodshed as regime continues crackdown on opposition

Sudanese security forces in pickup trucks have opened fire on thousands of mourners marching to the funeral of protester Salah al-Sanhouri.

Protesters said dozens of pickup trucks and security forces surrounded them in a main street of the capital Khartoum before firing tear gas and live ammunition.

“The cars came from the back and the front while we were marching in the street,” a woman protester said.

“The tear gas was very strong. The people fled trying to escape, taking shelter inside homes,” she added.

Earlier in the day, women had blocked a side-street to prevent police from deploying at the funeral of the 26-year-old pharmacist.

Mr Sanhouri’s family says he was shot outside his pharmacy as a march passed on Friday.

The violent crackdown that aimed to quash the biggest street demonstrations in two decades could now actually be propelling them, activists said.

“The excessive use of force means that the regime is becoming bare of any political cover and it is declaring war against its own people,” said Khaled Omar, a member of the Change Now youth movement, one of the groups calling for protests.

“This will backfire inside the regime itself and cause cracks within and lead to its collapse,” he warned.

In the first sign of significant resistance within the regime, 31 politicians, including members of President Omar al-Bashir’s ruling party and military officials signed a petition on Saturday calling on the president to carry out reforms.

Among them were ruling National Congress Party leading member Hassan Ali Rizk and Ghazi Salah Eddin, a former information minister and a presidential adviser.

The petition called for a reversal of austerity measures, the creation of a mechanism for national consensus and an investigation into the killings.

Among the signatories were members of the Islamic Movement, which has hitherto supported the ruling party.

Protesters say that austerity measures hit the poor particularly hard but leave intact a corrupt system where senior officials grow wealthy.

“This is a government of thieves who looted the country and starved us,” the slain pharmacist’s uncle said.

Thousands of Sudanese protesters took to the streets of the capital Khartoum late on Sunday, chanting “freedom” and renewing calls for President Omar al-Bashir to resign: here.

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  4. Strike by South Sudan medical staff

    Doctors have gone on strike at Nyala Teaching hospital in South Darfur, Sudan. The doctors have demanded the government provide more protection from attack by government militia men and a drastic improvement of their working environment.

    Radio Dabanga said all the doctors in the hospital have stopped working in the emergency department. According to a report the constant attacks by militia men on Nyala doctors has caused some of the doctors to resign.


  5. Doctors at the El Fashler Teaching Hospital in North Darfur, Sudan have gone on strike demanding the payment of their allowances. Fifty-three doctors at the hospital embarked on an indefinite strike on Thursday. Allowances amounting to SDG120 ($21) per month for specialist interns and SGD150 ($26) for general practitioners in-house doctors, have gone unpaid for over three months.

    The general practitioners are not carrying out any duties on Friday and Saturday until after 2:00 p.m. The Ministry of Health is reported to owe the doctors SDG280million ($49 million) in allowances and bonuses from last August. Doctors went on strike at Nyala hospital, South Darfur in November demanding the payment of arrears covering several years, housing allowance, an improved working environment and additional new medical staff.


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