Regime teargas kills Bahraini child

This video is called Lethal Use of Tear Gas in Bahrain, from Amber Lyon of CNN.

From Associated Press:

Bahrain mourners clash with police following boy’s funeral

By Reem Khalifa, The Associated Press

January 27, 2013 8:10 AM

MANAMA, Bahrain – Riot police and mourners have clashed in Bahrain following the funeral of an 8-year-old boy whom opposition groups claim died from respiratory problems triggered by heavy tear gas.

Officials did not immediately comment on the cause of the boy’s death after he was hospitalized Jan. 19.

Rights groups and others have complained about intense tear gas use by Bahraini forces during nearly two years of unrest.

Hundreds of mourners staged a protest march following Sunday’s burial, but were dispersed by riot police firing tear gas and stun grenades. …

Bahrain has been wracked by conflict between the Sunni-led monarchy and majority Shiites seeking a greater political voice.

More than 55 people have died in the unrest in the strategic kingdom, home to the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet.

Many more than 55 people died.

Bahrain: An 8 year-old-boy and an 87 year-old man; Two Victims in One Month of the Tear Gas Collective Punishment: here.

Bahrain Criticized for Use of Tear Gas Following Boy’s Funeral: here.

Bahrain: Few Days after Call for Dialogue, 43 people arrested for protesting in Manama: here.

MANAMA: Reporters Without Borders voices renewed concern about news providers in Bahrain, in particular, Ahmed Humaidan, a photographer detained since 29 December, and Sayed Yousef Al-Muhafda, a human rights activist who will go on trial tomorrow on charges of circulating false news.

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