Bahrain regime jails children

This video says about itself:

Bahrain: A tear gas grenade thrown near a woman with her child by the mercenaries in Sa’ar village. August 6, 2011.

From the Child Rights International Network:

BAHRAIN: 176 children detained as a result of security events

[23 April 2014] – The Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights said that it has monitored human rights violations against children in Bahrain and the monitoring focused on the legal procedures taken by the Bahraini authorities against children in Bahrain.

A team made up of 12 people visited the homes of 214 children who were subjected to arrest, abuse or trial as a result of the security events since February 2011.

The BYSHR confirms that the figure… only includes the children who are either in jail or are still on trial or who have not been sentenced.

The BYSHR explains that these figures have been last updated in March 2014.

For more details see the full BYSHR press release here.

Further Information:

More on children’s rights in Bahrain here.

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