South Korea stops teargas to Bahrain dictatorship, victory for activists

This video says about itself:

Stop The Shipment Action in South Korea

No More Tear Drops for Bahrain People Caused by Korean Tear Gas Canisters

Press Conference in front of DAPA, OCT 31, 2013

English statement: here.

Immediately stop exporting Korean tear gas canisters to Bahrain!

DAPA and Korean government should stop permitting tear gas exportation to Bahrain and all the other countries which are likely to use it in a way to cause severe human right violations!

Total 31 Korean organizations have co-hosted the press conference #StopTheShipment.

From Al Jazeera:

Bahrain #StopTheShipment tear gas effort scores victory

South Korea suspends planned exports in wake of global campaign.

South Korea has suspended tear gas exports to Bahrain, citing political instability in the country. The decision scores a victory for advocacy group Bahrain Watch, which launched its #StopTheShipment campaign in October as an attempt to pressure Korean and South African suppliers to halt tear gas shipments to the Gulf kingdom.

According to Bahrain Watch, South Korean companies DaeKwang Chemical and CNO Tech together shipped more than 1 million tear gas canisters to Bahrain in 2011 and 2012. In October, the group leaked a document appearing to show an order of 1.6 million tear gas canisters from the Bahraini Ministry of the Interior.

South Korea today announced a halt to shipments of tear gas to Bahrain, following pressure from Amnesty International and other human rights groups which worked alongside Bahrain Watch’s ‘Stop the Shipment’ campaign: here.

Human Rights First today welcomes reports that South Korea has suspended shipment of tear gas to Bahrain on the grounds of political instability and human rights concerns: here.

This video is about tear gas use in Bahrain.

Sale of Tear Gas to Bahrain Blocked Over Concerns Raised by Rights Groups: here.

International Campaign Led By NGOs Succeeds in Pressuring Korean Regulator To Cancel Shipment: here.

Bahrain’s Interior Ministry yesterday said it was unaware of any halt to exports of tear gas from South Korea: here.

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